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Okay, people, this page isn't so new anymore so I'll keep this short and sweet!  I am Harmony.  This is my page.  It may not be the best, it may not be the most creative, but it's mine and I did it all by myself!   You will find mostly things about me on this page.  Hence this being a personal webpage!  Good, you're catching on!  I have pictures of the people in my life, music that I listen to, hobbies and books that I read.  I also have an index of poems that I have written.  My goal with that is to get them all online and then publish a book.  So, here you are at my page.  If you got here by mistake, take a look around, you might find something you like!  If you came here on purpose, it's probably because I sent you a bothersome e-mail to come visit my page!!
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I love victorian artwork.  I wouldn't call myself an expert on it, however, these are some beautiful pictures I have come across.  Cupid is my favorite.
My thought of the day:
If it was meant to be, can you really let it go?  And can you really have the patience to wait for it to come back?
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Last updated on March 28, 2002
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