Adopt this Site

NYPD DEA badge Why give it up for adoption?

Succinctly put, my interest in Harry Denby has waned. I am no longer interested enough to either finish the site as I originally imagined it, or to maintain it in good condition. Many people would either leave the site up unattended until it crumbled on its own (through slow corruption of files on Geocities' server) or delete the site outright, which would not be fair to the people who have helped contribute to it, chiefly the fanfiction writers whose work does not really have a home elsewhere. Let's face it, for Denby, it's either this site or The Urge and most of the fanfiction on both sites does not overlap.

NYPD DEA badge What goes with the site?

In addition to the "harrydenby" Yahoo ID, which gives you access to the file manager for this site, as well as any other Yahoo features you wish to have with this ID, the site also comes with a Bravenet account, "harrydenby1" (yes, someone else is "harrydenby" at Bravenet!), which houses the password gate for the R-rated fiction, and a Lycos ID, "harrydenby" which, through HTMLgear, houses the feedback forms for the authors & webmistress/-master. The guestbook is a service of Geocities and goes with the site. Each of these accounts is set up to only serve this individual website and will be turned over to the new owner in ENTIRETY.

NYPD DEA badge Would I be free to do anything I want with the site?

Once you adopt it, it will be yours. At that time, I even encourage you to change the passwords on the above-mentioned accounts. After that, you may do anything you like with the site; change the look, the content, whatever is permissible within Geocities' guidelines. None of the accounts have my personal name or info on them, incidentally; they are all set up in Harry's name. I will not interfere in any way with what you do thereafter. You can even delete the site later on if you want; it will be yours to do with as you wish completely.

NYPD DEA badge Do I need to know HTML?

No. Although I never used them, Geocities has several template or block-type page generator tools available specifically to meet the needs of people who do not know any HTML. And yes, these tools can be used with the pages already here.

If this sounds good to you, or you'd like to ask further questions about adopting the site, please write me using this form. You must satisfy me that you are at least 18 years old, as there is some mild adult material on the site.


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