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Much has been written to fill in the blanks in Harry's background and involvement in the plot, as well as to satisfactorially bring his storyline to a close (while keeping him in character, which the show's season eight writers apparently failed to do). The vast majority (possibly all) of this fanfiction falls into two broad categories: Stories which accept the season eight developments and stories which do not, preferring instead to take up freshly from Milch's season seven ending.

As did the show, these stories range from a G to an R rating. R ratings are usually given for a combination of SLV, due to the nature of the subject matter, and require a password to access. There is no NC-17 material.

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I have only three requirements for submissions:

  1. Your story or essay must be completed
  2. It must be rated R or lower (no NC-17).
  3. It must not be a Mary Sue story.
If you have any questions, or you are unsure whether your story meets these requirements, please E-mail me.

NYPD DEA badge Essays

These consist of thoughts on the various aspects of NYPD Blue and how they relate to the character of Harry Denby. I don't mean for this to always be exclusively my own thoughts - please feel free to contribute your own essays; I'll put them up so long as they meet the following criteria:

  • Your essay must be completely finished.
  • It must not contain foul language, except in certain instances, such as in a quotation.
  • It must not consist of a personal attack against a non-fictional individual (i.e. if you dislike any of the actors personally, you may not use this site as a platform to campaign against his/her lifestyle, habits, etc. - although critical reviews of the actors' work is acceptable. Similarly, if you disagree with another person's viewpoint - such as in another essay - you may not attack that person's character, only his/her opinion).

Grand Theory of Olivio by Meg

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