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Scott Cohen
NYPD DEA badge Chat Excerpts from 8/11/01

Scott Cohen chatted with his fan club in an informal chat session on August 11, 2001 while he was in Los Angeles filming an episode of Gilmore Girls. The chat was set up so that fans could participate even if they couldn't be present at the time, by pre-submitting questions. Three of the questions asked were about Denby, and a fourth (ShayHeyRed's) may have touched on the subject because of Scott's reply. Below is a transcript of the salient portions of the chat, along with my own comments (in italics).

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I am adding the beginning and ending tags so everyone can see the length of the entire chat.

neyneyA> Hi, Scott! Mary-Cade wants to know if you ever go to the boards and read the Denby,10K fiction? If so, what do you think of all the varied interpretations of Denby's character?

ScottCohen> hi ney ney

ScottCohen> i am sorry i haven't done that. i have been so consumed by my own fiction!

neyneyA> LOL!

ScottCohen> where would i go for that

neyneyA> you have to go to the lists at yahoo groups! you know the Students of Denby?

ScottCohen> yes ok

ScottCohen> i got to tell you all i wish denby was alive!

neyneyA> Yeah, us, tooo..!

terpette> I've heard you were subscribed to SoD for a while... did you ever read the list at all?

ScottCohen> onwards we go!

ScottCohen> i can only be here till about 5 15 so I hope we can get to everybody

Note: Scott's fan email address subscribed to the member list of the StudentsofDenby yahoo group the evening Denby died (Feb. 27, 2001). Approximately a month later, the listowner removed the member list from public view.
Chat times are listed in PDT, while Scott's reference to time refers to EDT.

anneduddy> Lise is next, and she asks:

anneduddy> Would you be willing to return to \"NYPD Blue\" as the fabulously fascinating 'Harry Denby' if by some miracle the writers were able to create a situation whereby Harry would be alive????

ScottCohen> what?

terpette> Anne, are you just cutting and pasting?

anneduddy> Yes. Is it not coming through?

terpette> Nope. We didn't see it.

ScottCohen> lets move on because there is not too much time

anneduddy> Would you be willing to return to NYPD Blue as the fabulously fascinating "harry denby" if by some miracle..

anneduddy> the writers were able to create a situation whereby Harry would be alive?

terpette> there, we go...

ScottCohen> absolutely

ScottCohen> if miracles happen!

Those were the only Denby questions asked in the regular session. Near the end of the session, the moderator (terpette) opened the chat to everyone. Scott tried to answer as many of the questions that flooded him then as he could. These two were the ones about Denby:

ShayHeyRed> Scott - when you are done playing a role, are you "DONE" with it? Or do you wear the role a little longer?

ScottCohen> shay never the death of a character is a complicated thing worthy of much discussion

Obviously, the last part of his reply doesn't seem to go entirely with ShayHeyRed's question, however, there was no question at all asked about a character's death, per se. So is this just an observation Scott is making - maybe referring back to his membership in StudentsofDenby, or simply to Denby himself? Denby is the only character he's played for awhile (including onstage) who has died.

Alternatively, as ShayHeyRed (who has worked as an actress) later pointed out, when an actor is finished playing a character, this is referred to by some actors as the character's "death."

MegBirns> Scott, in this coming year, do you want to concentrate on romantic-comic roles like Michael True (from the TV movie "Kiss My Act") and Max Medina (from "Gilmore Girls") or dramatic parts like Harry Denby! I wish Denby were alive as well!:)

ScottCohen> dramatic parts I feel suit me better

This, of course, was just a small portion of the actual chat, the complete transcript of which can be found at

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