Links to Harry Potter sites all over the web!  Plus some others...

Official Harry Potter Sites

Official Mary Grand Pre Fan Club - Premieres in May 2000.

Mary Grand Pre's Official Site - Wonderful artwork

Scholastic - Official Scholastic Harry Potter Website.

Bloomsbury - The Official Bloomsbury Website.

Warner Brothers - The Warner Brothers Official Harry Potter Movie Site (Nothing much up yet). Click here to visit the general WB site.

The Harry Potter Club - The official Harry Potter site in Korean that lets you go and attend Hogwarts.

Fan Sites

I do not have the rights to list fan sites because I have not gotten a request.  If you would like your site to be included in this list, please send me the URL (the address) of your site with the site title.  Thanks.


Hogwarts RPG



Harry Potter RPG

Other Related Harry Potter Sites

The Daily Prophet News - The Wizarding World's Newspaper!

Diagon Alley Games - Another Premium source for Quidditch computer games!

Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone CyberGuide - Various activities for teachers to carry out during lessons

IGN Filmforce - One of the most up to date sites about the Harry Potter Movie

mN Software - Visit this site for Quidditch Computer Games!

Muggles for Harry Potter - A group against the banning of the Harry Potter Series.

Wild about Harry - A short, 19 question quiz on Harry.

Yahoo's Article Archive - The most up to date online articles on Harry.

Other Sites not about Harry Potter

 Pokemon World - A Pokemon site that you can enter in English and Korean!  It has game cheats and other stuff that will interest you!

ABC - Your source for everything!





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