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"The Magic Has Happened" 


note from the webmaster   August 2, 2000

Welcome to the Harry Potter Network.  This site is #4.  The other sites, Harry Potter's Hogwarts Adventures (#1), The Wonderful Magic of Harry Potter (#2), and The Wonderful Adventures of Harry Potter are still on the web but they are going to be non-existent to me.

I have decided to change to name and design of the last site because I thought the other one was a little pathetic.  Now that it has changed, I hope that you like it....

With a new start, I have also changed my email address.  It is now at: SsKryde123@aol.com.  The email address will soon change again though.....


Sorry that I haven't been updating much...  I have been going to summer school these days.  Another reason is that there isn't much Harry Potter news these days....  It's not my fault.....

I am sorry to say but I might have to close this site down...  My parents clam that it is useless.  To make this is useful, I need to make money from this site....  Can anyone tell me where I can get those things that you press and get 5 cents?  Tell me if you know....

I have a question for you guys...  I have AOL and sometimes my graphics don't come on right.  If you have the same problems, please email me!

Email me with any questions!

Till the Owls,

Webmaster Sung

jk rowling sued!   August 2, 2000

Nancy Stouffer sued JK Rowling......

Nancy Stouffer and her lawyer talked about death threats coming by email.  I hope that these threats have not come from the visitors of The Harry Potter Network.  These threats are illegal, even through email.  We don't need Harry Potter fans being sued like JK Rowling!

You might be wondering, why?  It is because of the "Muggle" Lawsuit.  Stouffer clams that words and plots in the HP books come from her...

One example is the word "Muggle".  In JK Rowling's book (as you know), Muggles are non-magic people.  In Stouffer's book, Muggles are elves.

Visit Stouffer's website at: http://www.realmuggles.com/ 


We support SPEW and the Anti-Death Mark!  Images below were created by Jenna at UHPFC!  Thanks Jenna~!

We support SPEW with Hermoine Granger!No death-eaters wanted here!  No Malfoy's allowed!


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