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Thanks and hugs to all of you that honored our site
with these lovely awards...

Please visit the bearers of these awards by clicking on
their award...

Thanks so very much to Angel Brittany's Mommy, Jackie, for
these 2 beautiful awards... Please visit Brittany pages and learn
how you can stop other children from dying senselessly in the same
manner as Brittany did!

Thank you Mary for this award!

A very big hug to Kaylee Ann and her Mommy for these two
precious awards!!

Western2 Award
For Safe Quality Service

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Thanks so much for this lovely award!

Thankyou Ryan for this much appreciated award!

p>Thanks so much to Theresa and
her angel Grace for this magnificent award...

p>Thankyou so much for this beautiful award :)

p>Thankyou so very much to Kimberly...
for surprising us with this award!!
This one is extra special because only 7 other people
within Kimberly's webring have been awarded this honor :)

p>Thankyou to Angel Amberleigh and Angel Cory and their
Mommy,Devie, for this beautiful award...

p>Thanks so much to Devie's earth angels for this
precious award...

Thank you so much to Linda and her Angel, April, for this
lovely award...

Thanks so much to Paul and Jo
and their precious angel, Kelsey,
for this stunning award....

Thanks for this lovely award,
please, visit this very worthwhile site...

Thanks so much to James for these simply stunning
and very special awards!

Thanks so very much to Angel Kaleigh
and her Mommy Shelbie for this beautiful award!!

Thanks so much to Ladyshae for this exquisite award!!

A big thank you to Ebrahim for these two lovely surprises!

Thanks Karen for honoring us
with this award!!

Thankyou Nemesis for this wonderful Honor!!



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