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Welcome to our little corner of the web!
I am Shay and these are the pages
dedicated to my little family...

I am the doting Mummy to two little cherubs.

My first little man is an ANGEL named Henry
(to visit his site just click on his photo).

Henry was born in 1995 at 24 weeks gestation due to
his Mummy (Shayne) having severe Pre Eclampsia.

My second cherub's name is Harrison.
To visit his site click his smiling face! :)
Harrison was born in May 1997 and is the absolute
light of my life...

***I am asking everyone who has been to our site to do us a favour
in memory of our sweet angel Henry and all the other
angel babies in the stars...

That is, please do something special and extra kind for
a child when you next are able to... that way Henry's
spirit will flow out through the world and touch
the souls of many...this needn't be of any financial expense...
it may be just a big cuddle...***

If you happened across our little site via a webring and you
would like to return on your journey, please follow
the link on the Webrings button below.

Thankyou so much for visiting...

It is with great regret that I write this forward...
I have recieved many notes from both friends and strangers
saying how sad our angel, Henry's page is...
I did not want in any way to place a "warning" about his site on
our page, as I do not think it necessary to WARN of my beautiful children...
however, in order to stop these emails about this, I ask
that you use your common sense and if you do not wish to see
my angel, Henry in all his beauty (including after he got his wings)
then please just dont visit the pages dedicated to him...


Please click here to see
Henry's Fifth birthday page :)


Please click here to see
Harry's third birthday page :)

People have had some trouble signing our
original if you do,
please sign our dreambook!
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We have lots of popular childrens' character
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To my dear new found friend Sammy...
I really truly believe that Henry sent you to us as a gift...
you are one of those angels disguised a people, walking around here on earth...
I noticed that you have a link to the Random Acts of Kindness ring on Aiden's page...
and though many profess to practice these acts...
you are one of the few I've come across that do it so wholly and "soully"
with every ounce of dedication and care.

I'm very honoured that you have so lovingly helped me learn to create my
cherubs' breathtakingly beautiful site...
thankyou from the very depths of my heart and soul...
and if there's ever anything you need you only have to whisper...
With lots of hugs, love, and years of friendship to come (I'm sure)
...Shayne xxx

Please visit Sammy's two beautiful boys by
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Aiden's or Jacob's site.. It's worth it!! :)

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This banner is dedicated from us to Baby (Gav') Sowton,
Baby Stewart and Baby Smith... and their Mummys
and Daddy's..."The very littlest of angels....
But so hugely loved..."

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This is the Birthstone of both our boys...

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