To win our award we must be touched by your
site... it needn't be any particular
type of site, but MUST be
child friendly, it MUST have heart and soul,
and, you MUST place a link back to our home page.

Please sign our guestbook too...this will increase
your chances of winning!!

These are not simply "all who apply, win" awards..
The sites that win are extra special...
If you do not win, please feel free to re-apply,
we will always review your site :)
please don't be discouraged by this...most do win...!

These are our awards...

This award is for sites with heart and soul....

This award is for sites dedicated to a little angel....

This award is for those sites that make us all smile :)

This award is for those Special
Mummy's of angels!

This award is similar to the
Ray of Sunshine award....for sites full
of sunshine!!


(please include the following in your email)

If you would like to win our award,
please email me by clicking on this little
bear  and we will review your
site...  :)


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