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I haven't been round in ages because of school work but I am in the process of working on a new layout. Prepare to see a new Josh Hartnett site within the next few months
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         ***News on Josh***
Check out these great screencaps of Josh from his new movie "Pearl Harbor." You can view them here
Watch Pearl Harbor Movie Clips here!!
***Mess up with Josh - Apparently there has been a lot of confusion about where Josh was born. In an interview Josh was asked if he was born in San Fransico and he replied " I was born in St Paul grew up there and still live there." So that solves that. Thanks to Anja for that information.
Webpage Updates***

29 August - added gallery 4.
1 August - Gallery 3 is finished! started working on gallery.
26 July  - Gallery 3 put up, main page updated and Here
                on Earth Pics put up
6 July    -  Email account started (Get one - at  
5 July    - Club started for Hartnett'n'soul
3 July    - Hartnett'n'soul won a Josh Hartnett Award!!
               Added the first Josh Hartnett poll. Forums up!
1 July    - Main page updated, started About us section,
               Added links for Cliques
30 June - Pearl Harbor review started
29 June - Completed Gallery 2, started links and Guestbook
28 June - Started filmography
27 June - Gallery 1 finished, Picture page started, Bio       
26 June - Webpage started, Main page set up
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hartnett 'n' soul
What is your fav Josh movie?
Pearl Harbor
Here on Earth
The Virgin Suicides
The Faculty
Halloween: H20

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