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Jose Cesar
Record: 48-1  33 KO 27-1  21 KO 20-0  15 KO

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Cover:  Roberto Dominguiz vanquishes Victor Graham but did he really defeat Floyd
             Roberto Dominguiz remained on top of the world after his 2nd round thrashing of undefeated Victor
                   Graham but later he struggled with tough Cases Olympic Sliver Medalsit Floyd Haywood.  Dominguiz
                   pulled out a close, unanimous decision that many at ringside disagreed with.   Haywood landed 81
                   more punches than the Champion but he was also floored in the 4th round.  Not only did the decision
                   leave fans booing, it also left them wanting more!  You won’t hear any complaints about the decision
                   here, it could have gone either way, but we do call for a mandatory rematch.  Our pick, Dominguiz by
                   KO this time!

   1. Roberto Dominguiz  (48-1  33KO,  WBC Champion)
   2. Carlos Hilton  (20-0  15KO,  IBF Champion)
   3. Jose Cesar Suarez  (27-1  21KO,  WBA Champion)
   4. Floyd Haywood  (19-1  14KO)
   5. Angel Pedroza  (23-1  15KO)
   6. Victor Graham  (22-1-1  15KO)

Inside:  Jose Cesar Suarez’s 2nd chance at Super-Stardom!
             When Jose Cesar Suarez won the IBF title by knocking Juan Nunez out many moons ago, many,
                  including ourselves, praised him as the future of Cases boxing.  After a string of successful defenses
                  he ran into a road block named Victor Graham.  After losing a one-sided decision to Graham, we all
                  had to rethink our previous evaluations of him.  Now he is back and champion once again after
                  defeating well-respected Angel Pedroza.  Have we changed our tune about his future outlook?  Not a
                  bit.  The biggest fight in Cass Boxing today is Suarez vs Dominguiz and Suarez is the man to dethrone
                  Dominguiz!  You heard it here first!

Fight of the Week:  Jose Cesar Suarez (27-1)  vs  Angel Pedroza (23-1)

Rising Star: Carlos Hilton  (20-0  15KO,  IBF Champion)

Future Fights:  Roberto Dominguiz…….5-4….….Floyd Haywood  II………..Close fight!
                                  Roberto Dominguiz….…2-1……..Jose Cesar Suarez…………I see an upset!
                                  Carlos Hilton……..……..3-1.….....Victor Graham……………..Hiton is a star!

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Jose Cesar Suarez – A future great in the making?

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