artistname                                      title                           recordcompany                        year   

   Ruphus                          New Born Day                     Polydor                             1973
   Ruphus                          Ranshart                             Polydor                             1974
   Ruphus                          Let Your Light Shine           Polygram                          1976
   Moose Loose                 Transision                           Virgin                                1977
   Hawk On Flight              In Time For                          Polydor                             1976
   Hawk On Flight              H.O.F                                   Amar records                    1980
   Blow Out                        Blow Out                              Compendium                    1979
   Paal Thowsend              Surprise                               Polygram                          1978
   Paal Thowsend              Carnival                               Polygram                          1979
   George Wadenius         Where Do We Begin            Frituna                              1979
   Grafitti Project                Grafitti                                 GMP                                 1983
   Grafitti Project                True Art                              GMP                                  1984
   Grafitti                           Good Groove                       Lipstick Records               1994
   Larry Bright                   Double Standards                                                         1994
- this is material mainly with compositions written by Graf . Either as a leader or a co-leader

Filmscores :

            TITLE                                  COMPOSER                                               YEAR                       

  martin                                           Jan Garbarek                                                   1979
  Nepal                                            Haakon  Graf                                                   1995
  Julius                                            Haakon Graf                                                    1995
  Bryllupet  ( the Wedding )             Haakon Graf                                                    1996
  Smoroyet    TV-Theme                 Haakon  Graf                                                   1988-98


1973  -   2001
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main page      current activities      bio        equipment & gear        fellow musicians       gallery   
I am currently working on new material for Grafitti. these days I also produce a rai -like Pop production, some R&B songs

I have not  listed  recordings done as studiosessions in pop etc...they are too many to menchion. Tv appearances, theatrework, backing vocalists, playing with visiting artists used to be a common activity in the 70's. If you know of recordings that should be mencioned here, let me know. Updating of these sites are frequently done.     hgraf feb-2001
email me: hawkon2000@Yahoo.com
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