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This is my new homepage.  Msn and talkcity split up and I can't edit that one anymore.  The background on this page is from the website of my favorite band.  Coal chamber is just awesome.  The graphics are from Sam Silverhawk.  Just click on it to see the next page.  Well this is my home so please sign the guest book on your way out.
This is me from not to long ago.  It really shows my eyes.  The choker in this pic is my old one.  I have a newer, better one.  You'll see it when ya see me, or when I post the pics.  I wear it like some people wear a cross.  the hair is real too.  lol  It goes down to my lower back.  It is naturally a very dark brown.  Some time ago i tried to dye it dark blue with silver tips.  Now it is dark brown with light brown tips.  Its truely different.
This is me a few years ago at a park in Adrian.  We didnt want to pay for the school pics that year so me and my bro went to the park and used almost an entire roll.  It was kind of a boring day.
This one was taken in Tecumseh about three years ago.  My instructor told us to stay after a testing so he could get some pics.  This is when I was sickly looking.  I was really really thin.  My ma and bro were worried bout me being too thin.  I was going to like 5 er 6 classes a week and working out at every one.  After this, I cut down to three classes a week.  I only went to the Tecumseh school cuz thats where all my friends were.
This is my lil brother and me on the 14th of Dec.  We celebrated our b-days on the same day to make things easier around x-mas.  Eventually we will separate them but now its fine.
Halloween 2003
Halloween 2002
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