Hey everybody! Most of you know me as "The girl in Hawaii who met N SYNC." Well, yeah I did, so heres my story, with pictures. Keep checking back for the latest, such as: Rules on how to act when meeting N SYNC etc. Some funni stuff like that. Please Join my mailing list, and you'll know exactly when and what has been updated! Thanx and...ALOOOOOHA!!!

What do you wanna see first?
My StOrY

My PiX

I have been getting a lot of EMails about buying/trading my pix. I do sell, but I don't trade unless you have EXTREMLY RARE videos. The pix go for 1.50/pic + $15. I also have some good pix from the Pro Bowl, So tell me what kind you are interested in, and about how mny you want. i.e: JC and Bobbi from New Years and Pro Bowl. Justin on the beah, Justin from Pro Bowl. Total :25 pix. Or whatever.
The extra $15 is because In Waikiki, where I develop my pix, they charge 1.50 for every re-print and then to ship stuff out of Hawaii, its around $7. Then I have to buy the postage and envelope. So, please don't complain about it. I WISH I could change the price but I really can't. Please understand!