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10/23/01 - This site needs a overhaul like crazy. Hopefully I will get around to sometime soon, but probably not. Too old, too ugly and far too Frontpageish. BLEH!

8/14/01 - Wow I updated some stuff. No more chat room, it sucked.

4/4/01 - Since cancelled all of their free services, I have been forced to find a new counter, and guestbook. On the plus side, I found a cool chat room that people can use. Other than that, I fixed some bad e-mail links.

2/15/01 - Finally got a new story to post. Added pictures of some Rutgers Fools.

2/8/01 - Post some new pictures. Put the raider on either side of the banner on the top. A new link and other miscellaneous updates.

1/5/01 - The first update of the new year. People's names on the class list are now e-mail links. Should be getting some new pictures soon. That is all for right now.

11/29/00 - New plan for classlist, elimination of guestbook BS, a new story, a new link, and the first picture. That's about it. 

11/17/00 - New stories section added. Figured it would be cool to post a few wacky stories from high school and college. To start it off I posted my own story. Send in your stories. New link too.

11/3/00 - Decided that a message board would be a good place to put suggestions/comments about the site instead of in my mailbox. Check it out! Also got the first link to a classmate's homepage! 

11/2/00 - First posting of the class list. Contains names of everyone in our graduating class, I hope. No personal information yet, but it's in the works, as is everything else. Put up a guest book on the home page. SIGN IT! I also changed the style of the page, I like this look better.

11/1/00 - Links section added with a link to the Hillsboro District homepage and some alumni sites. Fixed some miscellaneous typos. Not much else new, but hey the site just went up yesterday, how much do you want!?

10/31/00 - The very first posting of this page. No information yet, but it's a start.