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If you are one of the two people that has come to this page in the last year you might have noticed that this site is still crappy and in dire need of a major overhaul. Since I originally made this page I have come to realize that Microsoft Frontapge is an enormous piece of shit. I used it to make this page cause it was fast an easy, but that's about all it is good at. I have since learned a lot and once I get the time I plan t o redo this page so that maybe people will actually be interested in visiting it every once in awhile. As far as I know all of the e-mail links are still valid, but then again I have not gotten any e-mail at in a long ass time. Again, if you have come to this page at all and there is something you think would be cool tell me, otherwise I will probably just mess around with what is already here and add a few things that I can think of. I really want to publish my own personal webpage as well, so that will be taking some time, not to mention the school work. Hopefully, worst case scenario I will end up doing it over winter break. Drop me an e-mail if you have anything constructive to say.

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