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Oh and most importantly the above banner and the button below was designed by none other than the Carmilla Crowe, one of the nicest and sweetest people on the net, also headmistress of the famous Hogwarts IRT.
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Hogwarts Our Way Crazed Harry Potter Fans i.e US! So, please don't steal any graphics, text or any other site stuff because people have worked hard on it. If you want graphics, go create your own or ask Carmilla. She makes fabulous graphics! :)
Disclaimer: Here we go. We decided to put this in here for safety's sake. We do not plan to go insane and maniacal and take over all rights to Harry Potter because as much as we want to, he and all of the other fabulous magical creations of the books are the property of J.K. Rowling, Scholastic and Warner Bros. If I've forgotten anybody, sorry. This is just a role-playing game dedicated to what we think is the best thing to happen to juvenile as well as adult fiction... after Lord of the Rings of course. So please don't sue us because we're broke... seriously.
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