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Focus 2002
Matt Coleman 2002 President Matt Coleman, John Richards,
 Jonathan Arvin, Matt Smith (Murray State)

I Don't See it!  Where'd it go?

Goal of FOCUS and the Deeper Strategy
It is our desire to see all of our students “grow deeper” in their knowledge and love of Jesus Christ. Working together, we can address the serious challenge of laying a strong foundation in the faith for this emerging generation. As we look at the spiritual battlefield represented on our campuses today, surely we can “be moved with compassion to engage this generation for the cause of Christ.” Focus 2002 will create an opportunity for students to “grow deeper” in their walk with Christ through main session and seminar topics focused on collegiate topics that will nurture them toward maturity in Christ!

Get the school year started off right with Focus! The weekend retreat, held every September/October, gets students focus on Christ. Between exciting, meaningful worship times, students can choose to attend seminars on leadership, evangelism, relationships, discipleship and more. Focus is a great introductory event for first-year students. Get focused!