Francis' Page.. or somesuchsilliness

The cute lil ole mare on the right is Francis.. she's where I got my mispelled name from bout 3 years ago.. oh? you wanted to see *me*?? YIKES! It has now been closer to 14 years ago or more since I took that name online. Time flies when you are having fun! And with all this fun I have been having my web page has gotten BADLY out of date... sooooo.. ON WITH THE UPDATES!!

For those sentimental folks out there here is the old page. It wont go away.. it means too much to me :)

Okay.. so things change. Looks like I grew up some as I look back over this page. But I like to think of it as not growing up just growing differently. After some 47 years of being single, I found a man who can stand to be around me, who understands my quirks, or at least tolerates them! So, after testing the waters for 5 years, we got married! Whoda thunk it? Now don't get all excited.. I still live in Eatonton and he lives in Lithonia.. we all know how slowly I move on these things! Want a peek at the weeding?

Right now, I am riding as much as possible. That doesn't seem to change. Only the faces change. I lost Francis to a bad lightning storm in April of 08. It is going to be weird to not have her. But, I have her three year old daughter Eddy who is ready and raring to go. I acquired another gaited horse, Red, and he and I are learning together how to be nice and quite and calm on the trails. The old man, Cajun, is still around. And I have five more assorted horses too. Never let it be said that I am horse-less!

I did 'trade down' in size with my new dog. Nick is a tireless bundle of energy that is entertaining to say the least. Woo is still around.. cantakerous as always but happy living in the woods again.

That catches you up on the four legged family.

Now, the job.

I am officially a computer geek. I still work for the University of Georgia but I moved to the State 4-H Department. I work at the largest 4-H camp in the nation, Rock Eagle 4-H Center. I love my job! So far, no two days have been the same and we are constantly challenged to look beyond the possibilities. Who could ask for anything more?

And since I quit my "other" job.. a few friends and I decided it was time that we had a group/club/organization that supported the needs of Georgia Trail Riders so in 2006 we formed the Back Country Horsemen of Middle and South Georgia. Mouthful, ain't it? We are affiliated with the Back Country Horsemen of America and if you trail ride anywhere in the US, you should be aware of this group and what it stands for.

I also help put together a list of Organized Trail Rides in the southeast every year. The Judge has been doing this for close to 30 years and its a fantastic resource for finding new places to ride and meeting new folks to ride with. Check out the Judges Ride List and see what you have been missing!

I have outlived all of my counters so just figure you arenumber fivethousand and something to visit my page over the past 12 years. My hits have slowed down a little bit over the years.. but its always a surprise to get a note in the guest book from an old friend! Thanks guys!

Added in 1997, a lil ole guest book for you to record your thoughts, inspirations, flames, suggestions, or just general poems suitable for publishing.

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