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The McCormick Family Tree
The Descendants of William McCormick and Nancy Hendricks
The Ancestry of Nancy Hendricks
Including Related Families
The Ancestry of George Christian Pearl Mai Burnett
and Her Ancestors
including the Jackson, Walker, and Myatt families.
The Ancestry of Catharine Eldridge
including the Gilliland Family
The West Family
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The McCormick Family Genealogy - We Have Not Forgotten is in the works. If you would like your lineage to be included in this book, please contact me. I'm also interested in your memories. Your memories could include those of your mother, father, grandparents, school, summer vacation, family traditions or recipes, just about anything! I'd really love it if you would include memories from several folks in your family, especially the older ones.

Also, there's a new club on Yahoo!, The McCormick Family Gathering, that you may wish to check out. It's a free club that will allow McCormick family researchers to gather for a chat or post their findings or queries on the board. Please stop by for a visit!

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If anyone visiting this page has any information to share or needs a hand with their own search, please click on my mailbox. I'll be glad to do what I can.

I first became interested in genealogy when I was 14. (Has it really been over 20 years now?) My history teacher gave us some weird homework one night. We were supposed to call our grandparents and find out what their grandparents did for a living. I don't know why she gave us this assignment, but I was told some wonderful stories by my older relatives, and the seed of a life long desire for information was planted. When I was 16, I fell ill with rheumatic fever and was confined to the bed for many weeks. To keep my mind active, two of my great-aunts, Mrs. Dave (Lola Belle) McCormick and Mrs. Arva (Lurlene) McCormick, gave me the job of writing down these stories and others I was to learn through correspondence. This page is the result of that beginning and several years of research, cemetery visits, correspondence, and leg work. I've met some incredible people in my search for my past. I want to thank them all for the information but most of all for the friendship.

So, buckle your seat belts, get some popcorn and a drink, and let's journey through the past together.

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