.... May the wind gently lift you on the wings of hope... May the song of the earth free your spirit to rise and soar... May each sunrise bring you renewed energy and the promise of a beautiful day... May the angels smile upon you and touch your life with peace and joy ....



About Me Always Live Truely An Angel Meant For Each Other Spiritualism
Roger & Lynn Creed to Live By A Mothers Beauty Things I have Learned Favourite Links
Our Wedding Ballad of Love I Am Your Angel Lessons Learned By Geese Always Have Hope
~Footprints~ You Are Unique You Are A Success Somebody Loves You Thankyou For Caring
~Two Hearts~ I Wish I Knew Reach For Your Star When You Are Sad Peace On Earth
Listen to the Song Within God Is Never Far Away ~Thoughts On Life~ You Can Do Anything ~Never Give Up~
Theres A Hero~ Guardian Angel Awards I've Received Winners

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