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Our Eagles

Dan Sibley 2005    
Dan Flynn 2003
Patrick Venable 2002
Frankie Torrente 2002
Minocher Dadchanji2002
Brian Cole 2002
Robbie Trumpler 2001
Peter Atlee 2001
Thomas Landvatter 2000
Chris Weiland 2000
Aaron Dahlstrom 1998
Tommy Smith 1998
A.J. Smith 1997
Tommy Smith 1997
Andrew J. Weiland 1996
Frankie Panichelli1996
John Paul Gomez 198-
David Gomez 198-
Frank Marsh 198-
Joseph Dietz 198-
Eric Schultheis 198-
Peter Ryan
Jay Torrente

We sincerely apologize for any omissions or mistakes in the information. If you are an eagle scout from our troop whose name has been overlooked, please contact us to Let us Know!  Thank you.