Susan and Hank

My name is Susan Taylor and I live in Panama City FL. I had been owned by an 8 year old male Rottie Rescue named Hank, whom I took in when I lost my first Rottie (Prince) in June 96 at age 9. Hank was diagnosed with osteosarcoma (bone cancer) on February 2, 1999. He passed to the Rainbow Bridge on May 22, 1999. He fought a valiant battle, making it through our birthdays before succumbing to the disease. Hank was a therapy dog during our almost 3 years together. He touched a lot of lives and stole a lot of hearts. Hank was the sweetest and most loveable Rottie. He lived to give kisses and receive tummy rubs. He loved everyone, especially children and visiting the pet supply store in town. They gave him attention and treats. Hank will be missed by many people.

I have since brought home a new Rottie pup named Lisa. She's constantly on the move, loves to play and get attention and will anything that doesn't eat her first!

I used to watch CART races back in the early/mid 1980's but other things interrupted that. I've recently gotten back into watching them again and my favorite driver is Michael Andretti. I think Michael has a good shot at the Championship this year. But my favorite of all time is Rick Mears. Rick has always been a class act.

My bestfriend got me into watching NASCAR last year; she's a Rusty Wallace fan and has been for years. My favorite driver is Bobby Labonte, even if he does drive for an ex-Washington Redskin coach :-)I've heard Bobby is a Dallas fan, though, and you can't get better than that! Let's get the Championship this year, Bobby!

I am also a BIG Dallas Cowboys, have been since I was a teenager and Troy Aikman fan. Go, Cowboys!!!!!!

What does a therapy dog do? He visits nursing homes, hospitals, specialized homes, and even prisons. He brings joy to the patients, drawing them out. But not only dogs can do therapy. In our PAWS (Pets Are Working Saints) group, we have a cat, a rabbit, two cockatoos and several Quaker parrots. The animals MUST be obedience trained, enjoy being with people, and get along well with other animals. Therapy animals cannot be skittish around wheelchairs and crutches.

Hank enjoyed his visits to the nursing homes each month. He not only received attention, he gave it. Hank licked one lady's hand and she asked me what he was doing. I told her he was kissing her because he liked her and she blushed and giggled. Another old man just threw his arms around Hank's neck and hugged him while Hank washed his face for him. The man didn't mind the facewashing. He enjoyed the attention.

Where else can people, forgotten in nursing homes, find such unconditional love?


Hank, wearing a tie and a smile, is ready to visit the nursing homes.

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