It's time for another long awaited, not so much anticipated, update to my website. I'm thinking of revamping this site drastically, but I'm going to keep the current links that I have. So much has happened since I was last here.

I'm now 27 and living in Raleigh, NC. After Disney, I worked for Earthlink Customer Service. Let me tell you, that's no walk in the park kind've job. In September, I looked for something more. Consequentally, I found a job with a veterinary office. I love it so much there, I want to continue doing just that for the rest of my life! I realized that I couldn't feed myself and my pets off of what I made as a tech, though, so I went back to Customer Service. Now, I'm working on putting things together, so I can go back to school.

Up at Appalachian, I did a number of various activities. I fence, heavy fight, sing, write stories, play on my computer, read, write parodies for songs. I still do a good deal of that, just not nearly so often. The other half of the year, I spent all my time down at the beach. My beach of choice is in Hilton Head, South Carolina. There, I go horseback riding, do most of the activities I do in Boone, go to the beach and other nifty stuff. That picture below is the Harbor Town lighthouse. The Hilton Head travel video says it's the most recognizable lighthouse on the East Coast. I always thought it was the Cape Hatteras lighthouse. Ah well.

Let's see. What else is there about myself that I can talk about? Well, I'm not sure, but here are some of my interests if you want to explore them further.

My soon to be Alma Mater, Appalachian State University

My new favorite actor, Paul Bettany (Chaucer from 'A Knight's Tale')

One really cute program, PF Magic's Petz

Ah.. my Tamahome shrine (for all your Fushigi Yugi fans)


The SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) Homepage

All about my show kitties

My virtual web-library!

What photos I've been able to scrounge up


Well, that's all for now. Please, sign my guest book and tell me what you think of the place! Or, drop me an email! You can also catch me on AOL Instant Messenger as PookaTheMighty or on ICQ as #20633119. I'll catch ya on the flip side!

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