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Newfoundland humour A funny place that shows different Newfoundland expressions that only Newfoundlanders can understand. Trust me when I say that! If you are not from Newfoundland, or you have no knowledge of Newfoundland dialect, you may want to find a Newfoundlander to translate this text for you. Anyways, have fun here. I know I did.

Stories, Ancedotes, & Jokes! There are some funny jokes and stories here! I laughed for a while at the humour and I am sure you will also appreciate it! Besides, who laughs at Newfoundlanders more than Newfoundlanders!?!

Newfie Guestbook! Drop a line to fellow Newfoundlanders and read the messages that others have left in this electronic guestbook!

Test your knowledge of Newfie English This is a fun way to expand your Newfie english or at least to tell how much of what you say you actually understand!!

Fairy Stories These Newfoundland stories are from Conception Bay

Newfoundland Placenames We all know how humourous the names of our towns can be!!

Newfoundland Words And their meanings for those of you who have never heard the Newfoundland dialect.

Newfoundland Trivia???

NF Interactive This is not only an informative Newfoundland page including weather and news updates, but they also have a picture of a Mystery Object that you can TRY to guess, and daily pictures of Newfoundland.

The Meaning of Pancake Day Now how many people have a holiday that resembles anything like this. If you have never heard about putting money in your pancakes, look here.

License Plates Of Newfoundland and Labrador The evolution from the Mighty Churchill to Giovanni Caboto(John Cabot).

Newfoundland Outport Written by a Newfoundlander. Discover trivia about outports...and more.

The story of the Newfoundland Flag Even wonder how the Newfoundland flag originated?? This page will give its story.

Newfoundland history This page briefly tells some of Newfoundland's History

Ode to Newfoundland Lyrics and notes to the Newfoundland Provincial Anthem

Newfoundland Magazines and News Providers

The Advertiser The Exploits Valley Newspaper! Check out what's happening in my home town Grand Falls-Windsor!!!

NTV Television This is a direct link to Newfoundland's television station. This area will provide you with information concerning Newfoundland news and issues.

The EveningTelegram Keep in touch with Newfoundland's news by reading the province's capital city newspaper.

Oz FM Newfoundland's #1 FM radio station.

The Downhomer A magazine written for Newfoundlanders who are away from home.

Atlantic Explorer Travel magazine For Travel information in the Atlantic Provinces

Tides Point Magazine

Art, Entertainment, and Activities Guide Information for relocating to and exploring in the St. John's Area

What does Newfoundland have to offer???

Virtual Tours Newfoundland Take a virtual tour of Newfoundland. Beautiful pictures.

Gros Morne National Park I spent many summers here as a child. This park is beautiful and offers something for everyone

The Lure Of Newfoundland What is the lure anyways?? Many people who have never been to Newfoundland wonder why we are so dedicated to our homeland. This brief historical account of the province will help to explain why we love the island so much.

Hunting, Fishing, And Trapping Newfoundland Well you didn't expect a Newfoundland page without a reference to hunting and fishing did you?? HAHA I didn't think so. Anyways this link will provide useful information for anyone interested in going to Newfoundland for a little of the good 'ole outdoors!

Newfoundland Historic Parks and Sites Newfoundland has some of the most beautiful parks in the world

John Cabot 500th Anniversary Celebrations WOW! What a celebration.

Whales in Newfoundland What more can I say? If you like whales then go here! I went whale watching once, does that count??!!

Colony of Avalon Come visit the Colony of Avalon in Ferryland, Newfoundland, and walk back into the 17th century.

Useful Information

Newfoundland Ferry Service A listing of the Ferry Schedule for all the ports the provincial ferry docks. If you want to drive on or off the rock, you will have to look here.

Newfoundland Directory This is the place to look-up people or businesses in Newfoundland.

Newfoundland's Climate Here you will information on the climate of Newfoundland.

Newfoundland Local Weather Check out the current weather conditions on the "Rock".

The Government Of Newfoundland and Labrador The official government page.

Newfoundland Power Newfoundland's Electricity Company

Newfoundland Real Estate Looking to buy a piece of the Rock??!!

Newfoundland Misc

Recipe for FISH AND BREWIS and other Newfoundland dishes including fried COD TONGUES! Now everyone can enjoy these down home favourites.

The Labrador Retriever Includes info on how to adopt Labs that are in need or have been saved. Very sociable dogs!

The Newfoundland Dog This dog has been known to save humans that were drowning. A big and beautiful dog.

Newfoundland Links n Lore A new site highlighted every month - plus tons more.

Pages By Fellow Newfoundlanders

This Is A Newfie's World That is the theme of Mike Cross' Newfoundland Page. Full of pictures, interaction, and links, I am sure you will find all the Newfoundland content you desire on Mike's page.

The People Of Newfoundland and Labrador Another list of Newfoundlander's home pages.

Newfoundland Communities Listed in Alphabetical order

This Area Is Waiting For Your Help! If you know of Newfoundland Community pages I have missed, Please e-mail me the URL so I can increase the usefullness of this page! Many Thanks! Victoria :)

Educational & Governmental Resources

Memorial University Of Newfoundland aka MUN. Newfoundland's University.

Council of Ministers of Education, Canada

Music and Arts

The Mercers This Newfoundland band has just released an album that they recorded in their own living room. It has some wonderful reviews. The Mercers consist of a father and son duo; Bruce and Christopher. When explaining his music to me, Chris wrote "We've just released our debut recording This Island, a collection of original and traditional Newfoundland, Irish, Folk, Bluegrass, and Gospel music." Please check them out!

St. John's Folk Arts Council Active in the music community of Newfoundland and Labrador since 1966.

The St. John's Anime Film Society Anime is a form of Japanese animation.

Selected Newfoundland Musicians A wonderful selection of musicians, their albums, and even sound clips!!!! Check out some of my favourites like "Great Big Sea" and "The Irish Descendants".

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