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rose A Quote to Remember rose

I use to complain because I had no shoes,
until I met the man who had no feet.

Author: Unknown

We all complain about the world we live in, but how many of us do anything about it?


* A Heart Wrenching Sound *
Please read this true story about a couple of teens in Morganton, Georgia!



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If you get a chance, check out my Parenting page
I have some pretty good ideas when it comes to raising children or at least that's what my kids tell me.
Whenever they want something, they say "Gosh you are such a great mom I just know you will let me have this"
and because I want to keep on being a great mom, I let them have it, unless of course it is something like a grenade,
I mean those things are just to dangerous for children to be playing with! smile


Whatever your mood, you should find something here that will make you realize
"Hey I am not the only nut in the world!"

I hope you enjoy your visit!


My ideas on Racism,Religion,& Television.

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Great family sites for everyone.

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Dealing with real life and surviving!

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My Family
The one thing I can really brag about!

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My other site which contains information about the area I live.

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A wonderful group of ladies working hard to make a difference on the Internet.


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My Opinions on this subject. Did you ever think about it like this?


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I created a separate page for each ring due to the large graphics.
Some of these rings are not currently working due to changes that I need to make to them.
As soon as I get some spare time I will update them.

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She is a bit crazy, but I think you will enjoy her site.smile


Copyright Information

I live near the small town of BlueRidge, Ga and the world moves at a slower pace here.
We don't worry as much about who said it first just so long as it gets said.
The words on these pages came from my heart.
What I write is meant to help people, and if you can use any of what I have written, please do.
All I ask is that you keep it the way I meant it.

The backgrounds and images on these pages came from some very talented and generous people.
You will find links to their pages on my link page.



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