The Snugs Page!

Hi! I'm The Snugs!

Things you will find on my homepage (Always Under Construction) will be stuff about

My Daughters
Danielle and Montana

My Snuggyboo
The Light of My Life; The Cream in My Coffee; The Jelly in My Doughnut

My Snuggyboo's Homepage!

My Family of Origin
All very interesting people, despite being related to The Snugs
Hi Everyone! Have a Look at some pictures from Christy's wedding!

Our Cats

The Other Pet We Don't Talk About Much
(We have eight cats and we don't talk about that much either.)

Fund Raising
I'm a Development Officer at a large university
More later...

Hugs and kisses,
The Snugs

Link to My good friend, Dr. Doom's Homepage
or The Best Garden Page I've Ever Seen!!

I love to hear from total strangers as well as from friends I've already met.
Drop me a line at sgborsanyi@juno.com


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