Steve's Page

Steve's Page

Hi! I'm Steve Schmidt, a dairy farmer from Elgin, Minnesota. I 've got 70 ladies in the barn, a third of which I own. I'm working on trying to buy my parent's farm, and it's a slow road, let me tell you. I am currently milking 2x in a stanchion barn, feeding a TMR mix outside along the monoslope freestall barn (built just a few years ago).

I hope to be doing some remodeling soon. We're going to have to add on to the freestall barn and I want to remodel the stanchion barn into a transitional flat barn parlor set-up. In the meantime, the cows aren't doing too badly all things considered; but they could always be better. The rolling herd average is up to 21,000, and the calving intervals have been about 12.5 months.

Interested in seeing any pictures of my place?

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If anyone out there has information or ideas about flat barn parlors, I'd be happy to hear from you. Same goes for anyone who's thinking about or has gone through succession planning. Maybe we can learn something from each other. E-mail me at!

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