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Summer is almost upon us and grilling times are here! Time sure has flown! My baby girl (born March 23/1998) is now practically a toddler. We named her Maia Lauryn Katria. The name Maia is a Greek name for the Goddess of Spring. The name Lauryn is a combination of my mother's name: Laura, and my husband's mother's name: Carolyn. Her last 'middle' name, Katria, is a traditional Irish-Celtic name, meaning 'beloved'. She now has 14 teeth and runs and climbs and is developing quite a vocabulary. Her eyes have turned to a deep gray-blue, just like her Papa. Her hair still is reddish-blonde. She is a happy, outgoing child and is only shy with new people for a few minutes. Then she loosens up and starts chattering away in that inimitable baby babble. She absolutely adores the TeleTubbies as well as any book she can get her little hands on. She is learning French from me, from her maternal grandparents and even from her babysitter. Her Papa is learning French at the same time that Maia is, just by listening to me. Papa loves to play with his girl and she loves to run towards him squealing with glee!

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And the garden this year? A few varieties of mint have come back but are quite small plants. The sorrel and sage are both huge! The rest, thanks to my downstairs neighbour (her nickname is Sinful)is coming up beautifully! She spread mulch all underneath my lilacs (we have a mature, 90-foot hedge), planted many annuals around the yard, even dug up a few new beds. She planted some vegetables in the patch so I don't have any room this year for any new herbs, but that's ok. We also have a new addition to the animal menagerie. A black bunny named Gumball. He roams around the yard when we are all there, has a nice rabbit hutch and takes walks around the neighbourhood on a harness and leash. It's quite a sight!

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