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Glad to see you dropped by, grab a cup of coffee, put your feet up and get comfy. I am trying to make this page better, easier to navigate, and add more things of interest, not only to my family, but to my friends as well. Feel free to email suggestions. If your new to the internet click on underlined words to see pictues, pages ect.

We have had a terriffic year in this branch of the Oyler Family. The blessings are many, the woes few. We have added some new members to our family, found some who were "lost", and anticipate the addition of a few more. My sister Shari taught me her pastors favorite saying,  "God is rarely early........but he is never late". Never was that as true as it has been for my family this year. 
I have four kids that are all grown up. Daniel is my birth child whom I met again just a couple of weeks ago. He is 27 and a web page designer.  He is married with two children, Charlie and Cooper who I hope will allow me to be their friend, and he has quickly become the child of my heart. He is sunshine and magic. His wife Sally and I are becoming fast friends. This is an amazing time getting to know him. The 2nd oldest is Dallas, 22,  He is a Finance Manager for a Ford Dealer in Kalamazoo. He is a scratch golfer,  a nice man, and a real joy to his mother. Jamie 21, is a stay at home mom to my grandson, Anthony James (Tony) who is three. They are the best part of getting up everyday. Then there is Stormie, she is our youngest at 20  and really quite the pistol. She is a Funding Manager. She has been working in the car business since she was 16 and plans to own one before she is 30.  Their Dad, Daryl, and I have a varied and long history together. Married 19 years, divorced/separated for 2 years and back together now for 4. I am a firm believer in "if it ain't broke don't fix it" so no, as of yet no plans to remarry. Maybe one day.

My Mom Audrey, is mom to six, gramma to 16, and great gramma to 6 3/4. I will try to update you on them. Chuck is married and lives in Amarillo, Texas. He has a daughter Amy in Ohio who is planning a June wedding. His daughter Brandy lives here in Michigan and has a baby daughter, Darienne. My brother Steve died almost 20 years ago in 1980. Hi daughters Tori and Stephanie had a double wedding. Tori and husband Matt live in Huntington Beach, California.  Stephanie and husband Pat have just moved back to Michigan with their baby daughter, Taylor. What a cutie she is !! Sister Char has been married 29 years to my very favorite big brother Roger. My grandson Tony says Uncle Roger can fix anything !!! They have three children. Jason got married in 1997. His wife Stephanie is expecting a baby in late November, and they recently bought a new home. The nursery is all done I am told and awaiting little Hunter or Samantha. I am counting the days till we get to hold a new baby. Daughter Erin is in cosmetology school and working hard on outdoing the legend ...... no way Erin. Joey graduated from high school in June and trying to figure out who he will be when he grows up. At the moment he is a cowboy, working on a horse farm. Twin sister Shari (Char's twin) is married to one of my other favorite men, Bruce. They have a gorgeous home on the shores of White lake. They are usually the hosts of our family gatherings. They know how to throw a Party. Their daughter Kristy got married Sept. 25th to Mike. What a beautiful Bride !!!! She works for a lawyer. Check out her house. Son Tracy is recently engaged to a wonderful girl named Shan. Although he has not asked our approval, we all love her dearly. They recently built a new home, and are planning an August wedding. Jeremy, their youngest is in the coke business (works for Coca-Cola), and is sowing his wild oats. Jeff is single, and has two daughters, Tiffany and Holly who are both in junior high. we know what that means  TEENAGERS ...... YUKKKKKK !!!!! Well that's pretty much where we all are. How blessed I truly am in the abundance of people I love being close by. The blessings are many, the woes few.

Below will be all the links you could ever want, to family pictures, genealogy sources, poetry, and soon family recipes, and a picture of Nic, my favorite almost niece. ect. ect. But first if you would please sign my guest book  to let me know you were here, and then just enjoy the rest of your visit.

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