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This Page is dedicated to the memory of Salome Carson Newman (1887-1974) who started all of this

Welcome to the Home Page of a true genealogical junkie...ME!

You never know WHO will fall out of your family tree!

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What's Here?

Families - lists of the families that I am researching, indexed by major surnames, with whatever background information I have. 07/17/09

Forebears - a simple list of my known forebears by generation. Updates - recent additions, corrections, and deletions to my families.

Projects - genealogical projects that my husband, Peter, and I are currently undertaking, including collaborations with other researchers.

Lookups - lists of reference materials and archives that we have access to, and will search for other researchers, as time permits.

Help Wanted - several "missing links", "stone walls", and other assorted "dead ends" in my family research for which I seek assistance.

Family Album - old photos of family members

Jane Carson Topoly

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