Have you ever asked, "What does it mean to worship God?
Does "Church" feel more like a show, than a meaningful time with your heavenly Father?
Do you feel like something spiritual is missing when you go to "church"?
Do you ever ask yourself, "why bother going?" or "what's the point of it all"?
When you think of the word "church",
do you think of a building which may or may not have a steeple?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Living Stones just may have the answers you've been looking for. We are a group of individuals who have discovered that the Sunday morning show put on by most "Churches" is not what God intended. I hope you will take the time to consider what we have discovered.

This site is intended for all who submit to the Lordship of Jesus Christ as
King of Kings & Lord of Lords,
and who seek the simple fellowhip of believers in the "ekklesia" of God.

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Gary Nunn's email is now garedee@satx.rr.com


Introduction To The Living Stone

Who We Are


By The Grace of God

Wherein Is The Boasting?

Trust Not In Yourself

Does Belief Imply Trust?

Lost-Saved, Lost-Saved, All Day Long

Damnable Heresy

What I Must Do To Gain Ethernal Life

Fallen From Grace-Accursed

Faith and Works

Is Mental Acquiescence Enough?

Resolving Acts 2:38

Accepting Charity

"Gaining" Salvation

The Focus of Legalism

The Purpose of Man

Knowing God

Water Baptism Doth Not Now Save Us

The Truth Shall Make You Free

Ye Are Fallen From Grace

I Never Knew You

The Power of God Unto Salvation

Can Man Save Himself?

Water Baptism Doth Now Save Us

Religious Implications

Are Members of Denominations Lost and Without Hope?

Ye Shall Know The Truth


Terms Of Acceptance

Baptismal Regeneration: Fact or Fiction

Out Of Freedom Into Bondage


Standing Outside The Camp

The Lord's Money/Treasury

The Royal Priesthood (Parts 1 and 2)

Growth in New Testament Terms

No Other Foundation


The Contrast of New Covenant Worship

What is Worship in Spirit and Truth?

New Covenant Form and Ritual

What is Binding?

Do Churches Hinder True Worship?

God's Authorized Worship

The Corporate Assembly--Essential or Not?

To God Be The Glory

The Matter Of Works


False Teachers and Such Like

Unity--Who wants it?

Except For Fornication

Lying Lips and Deceitful Hearts

Reject One Another To The Shame Of God

Leaven of the Pharisees

Arrogance God Hates

Where Do I Draw the Line?

Peace Makers and Piece Makers

Bibliolatry is Idolatry

Being of One Mind

The Mentality of Legalism

Provoke One Another

The Nature of Divisiveness

The Cardinal Test of Brotherhood

Who Are The Divisive?



Speaking as the Bible Speaks

Today's Religion: A New Testament Contrast

What the Restoration Movement Should Be

Healing on the Sabbath

Where the Emphasis Should Be

Consequences of Satan's Divisive Spirit

Pattern Theology--Good or Bad?

Who Are The Denominational?

Distinguishing Differences

Scruples, Conclusions, Liberty, and Love

Beating Around the Bush on Creedal Positions

In Search of the Ancient Order

More on Churchanity

Promotions of Men--Denominations

Not So Shall it be Among You

Give us a Pulpit Minister

Identifying a Denominational Church

Encouraging One Another


Give Us A King

Characteristics of Cults

Conclusions and Consequences  


Paid Pulpiteers and Division

A Pastor By Any Other Name


Yoked With Unbelievers

Sophistication in the Body of Christ

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