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Big Arooos I'm St. Paddie's Day Suprize

Hello, My Name is St Paddie's Day Suprize, I was born on March 17th 1997 so one might call me the Luck of the Irish... It will be here that you will meet me. I am 1 yr old now!! And I am such a ham... Mom said the other day She was going to make me into Paddie Stew if I did not stop getting out of the yard.. Man she has to take the fun out of everything.!! The Country Bumpkins are my Besttest Friends, and I hope you get to meet them...
Mom her self is cool,
And Gandbaby

She is Texas Cert in Animal Control, and she is studying Homepatic Meds in Animals.. She has also been asked to help Teach an Animal Control Officers class in Sept... Boy were we ever excited, What a High Honor for her to hold.... Anyway lets see if we can get on with this page.. And You can Meet

St Paddie's Day Suprise and The Country Bumpkins!!

Looky,Looky-Everybody I live in the cotton feilds and got an award for cotton.

Country Life, six days and thirty five miles Boy what a trip. I feel like my back is broke but I'm Home. I thought I'd never see Mom again. In the Country you can get lost and man was I. Site Opened 7/16/98

1997 Email me at
Please come back soon and visit me.

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