Welcome to Netanon Chat

Hi there! You have entered Netanon Chat. Here you can chat with other "Netaholics" like yourself. Come on in anytime you like and bring a friend. The more the merrier!

Kick your shoes off and have fun. Once you log in and the chat window appears it will pop-off of the page so that you can continue to get your "fix" and still allow you to work while you chat. If it doesn't automatically "pop-off" then simply click pop-off button.

If you would like to surf while you chat, you addict you, simply minimize the chat page (the popped-off window will remain in place) and click on your browser icon again to open another window.

If you have any questions regarding the chat room, please consult the help located in the chat room. If you cannot find the answer there, please E-mail your question to Netheadz.

Have fun and HAPPY CHATTING!!!

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head Nethead

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