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Welcome, my fellow Nethead, to Netaholics Anonymous. Glad to see you found us. We, here at Netanon, are confirmed ( or in denial ) Netaholics and... LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!!

Personally, I, not unlike you, need to know that my 'net connection is up and working every morning before I go to work. Then, when I get home it's; in the door, to the puter and switch it on, go take off the shoes, clean up, get an ice cold soda, sit my butt in front of the puter. I mean how many times have you heard "Don't you EVER get tired of that thing?" I just smile and say "NOPE" and "SWOOSH!", off I go, catching the next modem wave to cyberspace.

Now you probably found us by a link from a current member's site; someone passed you the URL cause they felt, for some odd reason, you needed to become a member; or by searching a search engine, either seeking help for your "addiction" or seaching for a good laugh at yourself. Either way, you found us and we want you to know ... "WE'RE HERE FOR YA!"

This page has been created so that all us "Netheads" have a safe "refuge" from the rough "surf" of cyberspace. We are working toward a goal of providing a site that has "something" for "everybody". So come on, join in and watch us grow!

This site currently contains;

As a member of Netaholics Anonymous, you will be entitled to;

To join our...uh..."group", simply click on "Join Netanon" below and fill in the form ( takes 1 minute ), submit it and you are true "Netaholic"!


Welcome Back

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When you joined Netaholics Anonymous ( IF YOU DID! ) you were asked to submit a response to the following statement..."You know you are a Netaholic if..." and for good reason. Those anecdotes will become a part of this page. And because those anecdotes come from you, that means you have input into this page, thereby making this, not MY page, but OUR page. So the more people you send to OUR page the more exposure OUR page gets.

We have listed the latest entries from our members below for your enjoyment. This is only a sampling of the entries we have recieved from members. Other entries, and there are quite a few, can be found on our "Anecdotes" page. Check that out too because one or more of these will make you laugh and say "HEY! THAT'S ME!"