Questions and Answers

What is the life expectancy of a Greyhound?

Greyhounds have a life expectancy of 12 years or more. This holds true for ex-track dogs as well as others.

Are Greyhounds good with children?

Yes, and more so than most breeds. They are not as playful as puppies, of course, being mature dogs, but they are tolerant of children and would usually walk away rather than growl or snap if children become overbearing.

This is not to say.however that they can be tormented for any length of time and still not growl or snap, since like most dogs, Greyhounds also have their limits.

How are Greyhounds with other pets?

Greyhounds are friendly by nature and socialize well as a result of encounters with other Greyhounds in the racing kennel. They can learn to accept cats, but the introduction period must be very closely monitored. The Greyhound must be taught to differentiate between the cat and the mechanical lure he has been chasing around the track!

Are Greyhounds housebroken?

Greyhounds are kennel broken, which means they're trained to go outside and keep their kennels clean. Walk them frequently at first, and they will quickly learn that their new home is the place they keep clean and outside is the place where they "go". Another thing which will make it easier to housebreak your greyhound is to limit the area of the house in which he is allowed to roam. This helps him identify the area he must keep clean.

Do Greyhounds need a lot of exercise?

Unless you have a fenced in yard, Greyhounds should be walked four times a day--primarily to empty themselves--and taken to an enclosed grassy area once or twice a week where they can sprint.

Greyhounds also make excellent jogging companions after they have been trained to go at the new pace and distance for, like any athlete, they need to be built up in order to accompany their owners for anything longer than a sprint.

What kind of pets do ex-track Greyhounds make?

Greyhounds are very affectionate, friendly dogs who thrive on attention and human companionship and make terrific pets once they get used to their new homes.

House manners will have to be learned, but greyhounds are very intelligent dogs and learn quickly. Your tone of voice should be the only correction needed.

The more love and attention you give the Greyhound, the more you will get back.

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