Greyhound Pets of America/Ma.Inc

What is G.P.A./Ma.?

Greyhound Pets of America/ a rapidly growing non-profit organization which is dedicated to finding good homes for greyhounds who retire from or no longer qualify for the racetrack, and spreading the word that greyhounds make great pets.

G.P.A. of Massachusetts was incorporated on March 25, 1987 and to this date, we successfully place approximately 150 dogs per year into loving homes.

We have a great organization here in New England--Dedicated, caring people committed to helping our "fast friends," the greyhounds. We realize we can't place every single retired dog, but at least we can be there for them when they need us.

If you have questions, want to inquire about any of the dogs featured on this page, or would like to know more about G.P.A., please e-mail me or write to

P.O.Box 1495


Write or call us for your free G.P.A./Ma. catalog. Many greyhound items at "greyt" prices. Get your issue today!

Adoptable Dogs

The majority of retired track greyhounds are quiet, clean, gentle, good-natured dogs that adapt well with children and other pets. They seem grateful for their new homes, rewarding their new owners with never-ending affection.

This page is being dedicated to our adoptable dogs. Please open your hearts and your homes to these precious pets. You won't be sorry!


Brindle Male


White/Brindle Female
No small animals/kids


Brindle Male
Loves kids/no cats


Fawn Male
Great Pet
A really quiet,sweet dog


Red Fawn Female
No other pets


White/Red Female
No other pets
Doesn't care for men


Fawn Male
Great Pet

If you have been thinking about acquiring a pet, won't you consider adopting a GPA Greyhound? We know you will be rewarded with many years of love and enjoyment. Write today for your adoption application.

How Can I Help?

If you are unable to adopt a Greyhound you can still help us:

Tell your friends about GPA.

Volunteer to help us.We need volunteers to help in many areas including fund raising, public relations, picking up and delivering dogs, processing applications, following up on placements, etc.

Make a donation.Since we are a non-profit organization staffed by volunteers, we have expenses like paper, envelopes, stamps, phone calls, gasoline, etc. which we frequently take out of our own pockets. We will gladly accept donations of money, supplies, and discounts on supplies.

Give us your ideas.We always appreciate new, fresh ideas to help us improve our operations.

Q's and A's

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Check out our Newsletter for the current 1999 Fall/Winter issue.

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