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Where did they migrate, way back in their day, What was their life like, where "next" did they stay?
When were they born, where now do they rest? These families I follow, their life is my quest.

As the "new lands" were opened, in droves, did they leave, Family scattered like "drift wood", leaving old ones to grieve.
What land were they fathered, what there did they see? Were they somehow related, to both you and me?

Who were their life partners, what names will I find? Their children are many, were their faces like mine?
First names keep repeating, as surnames entwine, With descendant's so many, which John will prove mine?

Each day, by the mailbox, I hope, and I pray, Someone with more knowledge, will send answers my way.
Please Lord send an Angel, give me proof as I sort, With birth dates, speculations, and first names, "cut short". Old maps, clips and photo's, I find, trade and share. All help solve this puzzle, with spaces left bare.

The lessons in history, that now I know well. From guesses to gospel, for years I did dwell. Lost memories so precious, I find now and then. At times real discouraged, then find faith again. What hardships, achievements, adventures and woe, What joys and true blessings, did "my people" know?

Family stories so treasured, memories told without doubt, Old voices and faces, from "our world" winked out. Where last did they travel, my ancestors, "true". With each question answered, the quest starts anew.
~Author Unknown~

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