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The Ceremony

Here comes the Bride ... To join the Groom

Exchange of vows

Leaving the Church

The Bridal Party

From left to right: Jessica, Jen, Susan, Pati, Dan, David, Jared and Andy

Meet the bridal party

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The Bridal Photos

Groom Bride

Groom and his Mother Bride with her Dads

Mother and Father of the Bride

Aunts Jane and Linda, Grandpa and Mom

The Church

United Methodist Church of Estes Park

Rev. Wes Pixler

Visit the official web-site of United Methodist Church of Estes Park

The Reception

David gives the First Toast

Melanie and Caron sing "The Rose"

Garter Toss: CI takes it from the back row

Boquet Toss: Melanie, you're next

Swede and Phyllis

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Photography by Swede Pfaffinger


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