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Hi. My name is Muriel. My husband, Art, and I have four children, Cheryl, Andy, Mark and Marilyn. We have six grandchildren, Harley Andrew Jr, Amber Donyale, Mark Alan II, Rodger Dale, Justin Michael and Amanda Dawn. When Cheryl married Bill, she gained two lovely stepdaughters, Nicole and Leah, which gave us eight grandchildren. On November 11, 1999, Leah and her husband, Richard, gave us our first great-grandchild, Victoria Madison Garrett. (I am very glad to be able to share my birthday with her.)

In March, 1998, we started our own business called "LeeAnn's Treasures" (our joint middle names). We started it as a way to raise money for our Church to take a bus load to Atlanta and Disney World in June 2000. We turned it over to the Lord and He has really blessed us. We are enjoying it so much that we have decided to continue the business as a personal venture.

I became interested in genealogy in 1975 when it became a school project for Andy. When he finished the project, he forgot about it. However, I was hooked. Then, a few years later Art also became interested. Our children quit taking vacations with us when we started planning them around cemeteries and court houses.

Then, lo and behold, a few years ago Cheryl became interested in genealogy. Now we have someone to share our "finds" with, someone who lives 300 miles away and has resources available to her that we don't have.

Below are some of the names that I am researching. At first, I will try to enter all the basic information I have on all these lines. Then, I will enter all the little "tidbits" of information I have. As far as I know, all the information is correct. However, if anyone has any information that I do not have I would appreciate it if you would let me know. I will try to enter this information as I have time.

I have divided the table below into four sections; First, Art's father's genealogy, followed by his mother's; then my father's genealogy followed by my mother's.

Click on the "Photo Album" to see pictures of the McGills, Irvins and Essarys. Some date back to the 1800's.

Essary Genealogy

Essary Harrawood Hutchinson Schoolcraft Trout Vaughn

Irvin Genealogy

Barker Barter Bramlet Brown Corriell Countryman
Dirickson Irvin Leathers McGill Reeves Roberts
Runyon Rupard Schoolcraft

Cron Genealogy

Abshire Austill Barton Broshears Cron Gentry
Gray Watson

Robinson Genealogy

Barnes Beheathland Bernard Brent Campbell Carlile
Carter Coane Crews Curd Downer Ely
Gerard Gilson Graham Haynes Lucy Miles
Newton Price Robinson Scott Smith Storke
Shakespeare and Sir Thomas Lucy

While we search the past for our ancestors, we are losing our future. Thousands of children are missing each year. Click on felix below to go to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children web page.

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