"Where I get my Background Sets"
Cute Mice Set at: Homepage Introduction
Pink Kitten Set at: Index pg #1
White Dog Set at: Index pg #3
Boy with Dog At: Web Pets pg #1
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Colored Crayola Set at: Index pg. #2
Blue Angel Set at: You Are So Special
Peach Flower Set at: Thank God For You
Angel Set #3 at: Daffodil Poem by Wordworth
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Rose Bud Birds Set at: Awards
Two Girls (background only) at: My Graphic Links
Rose Bud Birds Set at: Chili History
Orange Rose Set at: Culinary Oddities of Cincinnati, Ohio
Puppy Dog Set at: Chili Recipe #1
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Monarch on Butterfly Bush Set at: Awards pg #2
Daffodil Set at: Daffodil History & Story
Kids Set #1 at: Index pg #4
Cosmos Bouque Set At: Wayfarers & Walk With Me
Mums Bouque Set at: Remembrance
Carnations Bouque Set at: Security
Clip Art at: Goetta Recipe #1
Clip Art at: Sauerbraten Recipe #1
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Blue Bird Hat Set at: About Kelly
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Blue Velvet Set at: What is Cincinnati Chili?
Pink Lady Flower Set at: This is My Promise
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Teddy Bear (Set #2) at: My Cyber Pal Poem
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Bumble Bee Set at: Fruit Dip
Sunshine Set at: Goetta History
Spring Set at: Crocus History & Story
Spring Set at: 5 Flavor Cake Recipe
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Cross Set #1 at: Time For . . .
Lady Bug Set at: Sister
Humming Bird Set at: To My Sister
Swan Set at: Love Is Like
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School Days Set #1 at: Test Poem
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Garden Set #2 at: Spring is Busting
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Grey Cat Set at: My Kacy pg #1
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Teddy Bear with Paint Brush at: My Spirit pg #1
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