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Here is another way to get to my pages
A special thanks to The JavaScript Source!

Welcome to A School Zone. I have purposely not put in frames, but rather have included an index on every page on the left hand side. It may not show until you scroll down the page. The javascript navigation bar is here for those with newer browsers with javascript capabilities.

hate homework


If you want help with your homework, go to the Curriculum Page or the Research Page. Look under the subject that will help you.

A plea for signing in my guest book. I am trying to aim my pages and their content for my audience. You don't need to write much, but a small amount of information would be helpful. Let me know what you do not like and what you wish I had here on this page.

Here is a web ring that may be of some help too.

Homework Ring Contact ringmaster.

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1.Never give out your full name, address, or phone number to anyone on the Internet without asking for permission from an adult. 2.Always get an adult's permission if you want to buy or register for something, or enter a contest. 3.If someone you're chatting to online says or sends something that makes you feel uncomfortable or upsets you, then tell an adult immediately. 4.Always ask an adult before you try to copy any files from the Internet. Internet files may contain viruses and can be expensive to download. 5.Never agree to meet someone you've met on the Internet without an adult's permission.


Eliana's - homework helpers, English as a second language Just what the title sounds like. Links to places for homework assignments along with games, ESL help and more.

Welcome to What can I say? Go visit!

Tutor.comGet live help with your homework, but it costs $$

Number 2SAT, GRE, ACT - free test prep. You have to log on, but it looks worth it.

Research Guide for StudentsTools to conduct research - search engines, annotated research and style guides and a virtual library and much more.

High School HubAcademic resources for high school students - interactive learning activities, poetry contest, reference collection, college info., subject guides for English, math, social studies, science, world languages, arts, health nd technology.

HomeWork CentralSays it has over 10,000 study subjects linked to 75,000 scholar-selected Internet resources. Has site search engine.

StudyWebName an area and they have it!

Homework HeavenYou may have to ignore the absence of a main page but go to the subjects of the on line tutors- check it out. Free homework help, private online tutoring, e-mail help, and online classes.

Tools For College WritingFind out what it is like to be a college student and learn some fundamental skills. This site is "voiced" to help ESL students too.

AATimeCalc- download time calculator

Teens helping teens Page designed by teens for helping teens with learning problems- good page

Virtual study Centre take a look.

Study Web Good starting point for research. Has a search engine that searches over 37,000 research URLs. a place to find the information needed. Categories are sorted by approximate grade level - large table of contents- looks super.

The Memory Page Hints and tips, books to read, & links - all on memory help

Melody's Homework Links Reference, research & homework links - LOTS

Research Collection of topics, ideas and help for school research projects. Even has chat room for breaks.

A Plus Research & Writing for High School and College Students Home Page Info search to find information in cyberspace and the library and links to great online resources for research and writing. Has nice organized table of contents.

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Dr. Gwens Research Paper Page-Information Help for the research paper - be it for high school or college

Online Writing Lab Purdue University * They have a newsletter, links to: other online writing labs, search engines, resources for teachers and other writing -related resources at Perdue.

Silly &


Fun Attic Commercial site of game and activity guide. They have free games you may print, play and share with your friends.

Soap BubblesSite teaches how to make bubble formula. It explains a method for storing whole bubbles for days or even months. Science of bubbles explained too.

Hungry MindsCombines distance learning, quick courses, free courses, business training and classes for college credit. Has search engine to find related classes. Fees vary but has free options.

Unofficial Biker Mice from Mars Fan ClubJust in here for fun. "In this wild and woolly universe, there are 3 things you can count on: Your brains, your bros, and your bike!!!"

Squigly's Playhouse for KidsCraft ideas, pencil puzzles, writing corner, jokes & riddles, brain teasers, contests, desktop pictures, and boredom busters. What more could you ask for if bored?

Jokes Galore .. Non-stop HumorLike the title says, jokes galore!

RiddleNutHundreds of riddles/brain teasers

FunkyPages - Good fun, great humorJokes, brain teasers, cartoons, funny sound clips, and more humor.

FunschoolStuff for preschool, kindergarten, first grade, second grade, and third to sixth grades. Has parent's corner and fun corner. Site uses java big time and it helps to have shockwave.

RubberFlex Enabled Home Page Some fun special effects - plug in for Netscape

The Onion Very interesting and enjoyable news; looking at it a little sideways. For teens and older

Yahoo Chat for teens

Pythonline Monty Python, etc. with the SpAm Club and silly organ donor

The Useless Pages Sites of the week that are considered useless, etc.

Mozart's Musikalisches urfelspiel A musical dice game for composing a minuet. Throw the dice and create a minuet and download it.

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Grandpa Tucker's Rhymes and Tales

Build It Yourself "Set up your own virtual and real workshops. Order tool and engine rooms from Build-It-Yourslf. Download Top Secret Plans. Then build your own action contraptions mostly from recycled junk." A free prototype software that requires Windows 3.x or Win 95

Deb and Jen's Lan O' Useless Facts * More fun with useless facts *

ABC Toon Center games, stories. Looks good 1-4th grade

Kid Crosswords & Other Puzzles Lots to do online!!

Carlos' Coloring Book Color on the Internet. Not a lot of pictures yet but I tried it and it is fun.

Hangman game Play till you can't spell your name!

Today's Fun Fact * Silly but possible useful site. ??


Mr. Edible Starchy Tuber Head * He looks like a pota..... not a game but a zany site nonetheless. Does has links to other potato games on the web.

Fake Out! A word definition guessing game for grades K-8 Possibly could be used in a class or if you are into words, try it for fun at home.

Web Kids "Online adventure for creative minds" Stories being written by kids for kids online. Graphics, links, download sites are but a few. This site obviously is going to be much bigger. It has room to grow and holds a lot of promise. Commercial site but has FREE games and contests to titillate, challenge and annoy. The best thing is that practically everything on changes every day!

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Dog-Play: Kids Learning About Dogs Place for kids to learn how to train and care for dogs. Has links to other sites about, for, or information about dogs.

Fun Learning Just For Kids Kids 12 and under learn how to create their own web page and more.

Kevin's PlayroomSet up to help with school work, homework or fun- all ages of kids. Has: art, drama, English, Geography, History, Math, modern languages, music, religious studies, science, sport, technology and colleges. New site developing into great one. Most grade levels.


Sixth Grade

Arthur: The World's Most Famous AardvarkGames, Teacher's corner and guides, Parent's corner, recommended books, and more. Need Shockwave/Flash to have fun here.

Slylock Fox & Comics for KidsBob Weber's Slylock Fox/comics site. Has an arcade, contest, shop, kid talk, brain "bogglers", how to draw, and more.

Craft for KidsGreat project to use!

Boomy's Connection to Cyberspace Pooh lover's site- lots to visit and see: kids zone, magazine mall, on line arcade, pooh world, and more. Very slow to load as there are very many large gifs.

Fun and games by e-mail Make your choice, give them your e-mail and they send the games, quotes, or trivia.

ICONnect: KidsConnect KidsConnect is a question-answering, help and referral service to K-12 students on the Internet. The goal of the service is to help students access and use the information available on the Internet effectively and efficiently. American Library Association

Jay Jay the Jet Plane Free Coloring Book That's right it is free and pictures to color can be downloaded on the Internet.

KIDS - Kids Identifying and Discovering Sites The K.I.D.S. Report is a new publication produced by K-12 students as a resource to other K-12 students. Does reports on sites on the web. - Kids Software Online!!! Site includes games for preschool, kindergarten, first grade and second grade.

Richard Scarry- The busy world of Richard Scarry Promotes 3 of Scarry's newest books. My sons sure loved his books when they were growing up. Who couldn't love Lowly worm?

Look Learn and Do: Home PageTons of fun thing to do. Illustrated e-books, games, fun facts, projects and history lessons. Varying levels of difficulty and good instructions make this a great site.

Funology -- The Science of Having Fun!Help fight boredom- visit this site. Super site with lots and lots to do.

Totware-PC and Mac shareware and freeware *

Kidscom An Educational and Entertaining Electronic Playground for Kids Ages 4-15

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R.A.D. & S. Kids Web Under construction. The initials stand for the 4 kids (all under 12) who made this page. Links to History and kid stuff. Nice place to visit

Welcome to Smithsonian Magazine's Kids' Castlepages on science, animals, personalities, sports, the arts, history, air & space and worldwide. Ages 4 to 13

Yak's Cornernews magazine for kids. Recipes, a place for your art, games and more. Ages 4 to 12

Bogglers.comBrain teasers, mind benders, visual riddles and lots of fun. If you have a site, you can add bogglers to it. A different boggler comes up when you visitor hits the button.

Yuckiest Site on the InternetThe best place for science entertainment. Lots of cool, gross and yucky activities and stuff!

World Village (for kids) Word searches, mazes, arcade games and other interactive fun. Some puzzles are very difficult. Shockwave or java will help on this site.

Dragonfly"The Dragonfly web pages are for investigators of all ages. These pages go with Dragonfly magazine. You do not need the magazine to have fun here."

Kelly Bear -- Educational books, videos, puppets, drug awareness program, curriculum and more. NOFRAMES

Fairrosa Cyber Library of Children's Literature Authors, books, articles, dragons, Lewis Carroll, and more.

CLWG: Children's Literature Web Guide Newbery & Caldecott winners, Best books of 1997, Bestsellers, Doucette index, Authors on the web, Stories on the web, recommended books, resources for teachers, parents, storytellers, & writers and illustrators, research guides & indexes. Wow!

Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Site Collection of review of great books for kids, ideas of ways to use them in the classroom, and lots more.

Bubbaonline - Education on line Has newsletter, school house, special education and literacy sites. Soon to have technology page too.

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Middle School-

High School

If you are looking for more college information than found here, go to: here

The Game PuppetZonks! What a collection. Cival War, Freebies, Game demos and more, and great children links pages.

EARTH DOG HOME PAGE!MSNBC site. Has some excellent information for students

CampusTours.comYou can choose a school by its name or look by state. Photo tours and videos on most."College search, financial aide, and scholarship information

College CapitalA source for college prep and funding, but it costs.

Get Recruited by Colleges and UniversitiesNot sure how this works. You fill out a questionnaire and supposedly the colleges and universities that believe you are a good "match" will contact you. I am always cautious when asked to give this much information, please be thoughtful before sending.

New World Culture New World Culture dedicated to providing the essential piece that was missing at the conclusion of prior presentations: a means for young people to remain connected with New World Culture and, more importantly, a means for young people to become connected with each other.

Webmaster's DreamHelp for the webmaster!!

Looksmart- web design, graphics help and more

Classics Technology Center on the Web

Has a lot more than software. Check out this site for some wonderful info and links.

Headbone ZoneKidsite with chat, games, email and more. Also has some great stuff to get students interactive with the Internet and a place for parents too. Chaperoning available for email and sites.

Career Magazine Exactly what it claims to be! Nice articles and pages on Job Fairs, Career Links, resume bank and "on campus."

CollegeKids College Kids "strives to promote equal opportunity for all children by helping aspiring kids from low-income communities get to college.

KIDLINK: Global Networking for Youth 10-15 Has links to: activities, projects & fun; Adult/Teacher collaboration, help wizard, newsletter, about KIDLINK; and multi-language support

Channel One Has forum to chat, new articles, movie reviews, game reviews, polls, etc. Looks pretty good

CitySpace Project Built collaboratively by kids, educators, and media artists. Has movies and pictures and videos. Warning BIG use of memory to watch one of these

Hotlist:Kids Did This! * A list of student produced pages in the areas of: science; art; social studies; mathematics; language arts; school newspapers; and miscellaneous

Howard's LINKS 4 KIDS! Lots and lots of links for kids. Just click on the alphabet in the top frame and you will get a page of links under the letter you chose

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Just or Kids

K12.School.Net: Begin School. Education On-Line Services

Kid Corner - Stuff for Kids, research,homework Has links to: Homework; Recipes; Sports; Fun; Organizations; Schools; and Search Engines

Kids World 2000 Links to: museums ; science, sports, fun & games, zoos & aquariums, cities & counties, vacation time, government & politics, other cool kid's sites, and J.J. Mystery Site of the week

Kids' Page Resource for students

Lois Walker's Take Part Read-Aloud Story Scripts A fun activity for k to high school (to perform for younger children)

The Kids on the Web Links to sites that are for kids, stuff to play with, learn from and information for adults

Adolescence Directory On-Line * Information guide for adolescent issues. Indiana University service page.

College Admissions Office E-mail Addresses Has lots of addresses for college admission e-mail. Nice organized page. It uses Java if that is a problem.

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JobSmart: California Job Search Guide How to write a resume, job fairs in Sacramento, career guides, salary information, hidden job market, electronic librarian, JobSmart San Francisco, and JobSmart Los Angeles

The Dark Sucker Theory What is the speed of dark? The answer may be found in this light hearted page.

general study resources

Kidz ConnectionGreat site to find homework help, search engine how-tos, fun, games and more. There is a page for parents and for educators too.

Classics Technology Center on the Web Has a lot more than software. Check out this site for some wonderful info. and links.

Resources for teachers, students and parents Some very nice links

OneList A site where you can find parents, students, teachers, psychiatrists, etc. that have set up e-mail accounts. You can join (I did) free and get on a list to share ideas, hopes, feelings.

Critical Mass Linkaway 2 Internet Information Resource Guide Links to Learning, Education, Government, Business, News sites, Health, Travel,

Roget's Thesaurus

English Dictionary

The Internet Public Library - teen division

Ask Jeeves for Kids Ask a question and this page will tell you where to find the answer on the Internet.

Kai's Link Collection for Students and Educators Norwegian site (In English) some nice links


The National Teen Courts of America

Learning Planet Home Interactive learning Activities - fun for young people.

Internet Anagram Server / I, Rearrangement Servant

Bobby -checks site for handicapped If you are creating a site that the disabled may use, this site can help you make it usable by all.

High School HubThe High School Hub is an academic portal for high school students. It features a poetry contest, college information, a reference desk, and subject guides for English, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science.

Back to College: Resources for Re-entry Students Curriculum, internships, scholarships, college library and weekly news updates available. Good resource for the "older" student

CampusTours: Virtual College Tours!choose a school from A to Z- links to and that have services for college bound high school studens, current college student and college graduates. Student loans & Financial aide info. too.

High School Maps Onlinesite set up to help parents and friends of high school sport events in Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Virginia find the school to visit to see the sport event.

target="new">The online Dialectizer will translate your words into redneck, jive, Cockney, Elmer Fudd, moron, Swedish chef or pig Latin. Translate yourself or a site you like (or don't like)

Optical IllusionsA collection of some of the best optical illusions out there. As the webmaster states, "So sit back and relax, and you will be AMAZED!!!!"

GAMES DEPOT Online Multiplayer 3D Interactive Arcade Puzzles and Game Sitescrossword puzzles, Euchre, chess, checkers, updates for Sony Playstation or Nintendo. Lots to do here. On line games, word games, and arcades games. - brain games, puzzles and pastimesThe index lists the following: books, crosswords, gadgets & gizmos, images, java games, math recreations, puzzles, software, sounds, things, toys & games, words & wordplay.

ThePuzzleFactory Jigsaw puzzles, online coloring books, tangrams, arcade games, and you can send puzzles and postcards to your friends. Warning Mac users with Internet Explorer may have trouble with this site.

PROJECT GUTENBERG OFFICIAL HOME SITE - INDEX -Easy to access literary works for free.

Free Scholarships and Financial AidYou must give your email address and join this site to receive a free weekly email newsletter about: college admission, scholarships, financial aid, campus life, SAT and ACT preparation and other areas of interest for students, parents and educators.

Psychology 12 APAdvance Placement Psychology which gives students a chance to gain university credits. Contains tips, essays, notes, etc.

Only the AnswerSleuth KnowsThousands of topics that you can find out about here.

Free Scholarships and Financial Aid...Get Recruited by CollegesThey want your email to join to get weekly email newsletter with articles about college admission, scholarships, financial aid, campus life, careers, SAT & ACT preparation and other areas for students, parents and teachers. | Homemust register for this UK site. Has revision guides, exam timetables, online tests, study tips, discussion groups and chat. See if you know as much as the students in the UK. UK students use this site! - Compare Student Loans and Apply Online!Has a search engine - "Loan Finder"

Homework Highhelp in English, Maths, Science, Geography, and History

TeleCampus - specializing in online learning - l'apprentissage en ligne, c'est notre expertiseProvides database of online courses around the world. Claims there are more than 17,000 classes in arts, business, education, health, technology, vocational training & science.

Click a TutorCommercial site that offers tutoring in all curriculum areas.

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