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Children of  ? Cutrell - oldest first

Will of Charles Cuterall
March 11, 1785

In the Name of God Amen, I Charles Cuteral of the State of North Carolina and County of Hyde being infirm in body but in sound memory do make and ordain this my Last Will and Testament in the following manner and form that is to say I give and recomend my soul into the hands of Allmighty God who gave it & my body I recomend to the earth to be decently intered at the descresion of my Executors and touching such worldly estate as it hath pleased God to bless me with I will and bequeath in the following for.  -- I give and bequeath to my eldest son Joseph Cuteral one hundred acres of land lying on the North side of the Lake being the land whereon he now lives.

Item:  I give & bequeath to my Daughter Silence Cuteral my bed and furniture & one looking glass.----------------

Item: I give and bequeath to my son Andrew Cuteral ten pounds in money to pay for schooling which is my desire he should have.  It is my will and desire that all the remaining part of my property goods and chattles that are not already herein given or disposed of shall be equally divided amongst seven of my children viz.  Charles, Stephen, Jno., Chloe, Frances, Silence & Andrew Cuteral. ---- An Lastly I do constitute appoint & ordain my eldest son Joseph Cuteral and Andrew Sanders whole & sole Executors of this my Last Will and Testament and I do hereby utterly disallow revoke and disannull all and every other Will and Testament.  In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and fixed my seal this 11th day of March in the Year of Our Lord 1785.

Charles    X        Cuterall   (Seal)

Signed sealed published and pronounced by the sd. Charles Cuterall as his Last Will and Testament in presents of us:
William Watson
Samuel Spring
Israel Watson

This Last Will and Testament of Charles Cuterell decd. was exhibited into Court and Proved by the oath of Saml. Spring and evidence thereto.  Ordered to be recorded.
Test. Benj. Foreman --  CSC

Transcribed  Jan. 3rd 1900
From Record of Wills and Accounts No. 1 Page 618
R.D. Harris C.S.C.

Transcribed from Record of Wills Book 1,2,3 Page 213
Walter A. Credle, CSC -- September 14, 1970

submitted by: Diane Mason Kelly



In the Name of God Amen the 1st of February  in the Year of Our Lord 1818 I Joseph Cutrell of the State and County aforesaid being weak in body but of perfect mind and memory blessed be God I therefore calling to mind the mortaility of my body and that it is appointed for all men once to die I do hereby ordain this my Last Will and Testament that is to say principally and first of all I give and recommend my soul into the hands of Almighty God that gave it and my body I recomend to the earth to be burried in a descent Christian burial at the discresion of my Executors hereafter mentioned nothing doubting but at the great resurection I shall receive the same by the might power of Almighty God and as touching such worldly estate wherewith it hat pleased God to bless me with in this life I give and dispose of the same in the following manner and form.

I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Jane Cutrel one third part of my land that is to say the lower lot adjoining George Williams and hous  wherein I now live during her natural life.

Item, I give the aforesaid lot of land to my eldest son Henry Cutrel after the deceased of his mother.

Item, I give and bequeath unto my son Joseph Cutrel one third part of my land that is to say the second lot adjoining of Henry Cutrel,  Item, I give and bequeath unto my son Robert Cutrel one third part of my land that is to say the third lot adjoining the heirs of Hall after my debts and legacies are paid.  I leave the rest of my estate to be equally divided between my three sons Henry, Joseph and Robert Cutrel after the deceased of my wife Jane Cutrel.  I do appoint my sons Henry and Joseph Cutrel Executors of this my Last Will and Testament.

Lastly I do hereby revoke all former and other Wills before made and declare this to be my last Will and Testament.  In witness whereof I the said Joseph Cutrel have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and date above written. Signed sealed in the presence of :
Robert Cutrell
Joseph Cutrell (Seal)
Eli Moony

Hyde County SS This Will was duly proved by the oath of Eli Moony and ordered to be recorded.-- Jno. B. Jasper Clk.

Transcribed Feb. 22nd 1900
From Record of Wills & Accts.-- No. 3 Pages 798-799
R.D. Harris, CSC

Transcribed from Record of Wills -- Book 1,2,3 Pages 510 &511
Walter A. Credle, CSC -- April 19, 1971

Submitted by Lois at
Search Words:  CUTTRELL
          Or:  CUTHERELL
          Or:  CUTHRIELL
          Or:  CUTTREL

CD 004, November 1994 Edition
No. Car. Marriages, Craven, NC
Screen 20 of 123

 SNDX  Spouse 1                   SNDX  Spouse 2                   Date
 C316 CUTHBERT, Edgar             C462 CLARK, Julia                12  Apr 1842
 C316 CUTHBERT, James G           B346 BUTLER, Rachel              21  Dec 1811
 C364 CUTHRELL, Alexander         S314 STAPLEFORD, Nancey P        23  Apr 1855
 C364 CUTHRELL, Amos              K520 KING, Lydia                 09  Jul 1785
 C364 CUTHRELL, Amos              B240 BEXLEY, Nancy               22  Aug 1795
 C364 CUTHRELL, Amos              T524 TINGLE, Cathrine Jane       11  Jul 1837
 C364 CUTHRELL, David             H435 HOLTEN, Jinsey              07  Nov 1795
 C364 CUTHRELL, David             H634 HARTLEY, Margaret           28  Feb 1824
 C364 CUTHRELL, Jesse             M250 MASON, Catharine            06  Aug 1807
>C364 CUTHRIELL, John             B650 BURNEY, Lucresia            10  May 1784
 C364 CUTHRELL, Roger             G650 GREEN, Mary                 12  Mar 1801
 C364 CUTHRILL, Thomas            S512 SIMPSON, Sarah              31  Aug 1799
 C364 CUTRELL, John               M236 MCCOTTER, Clarissa          05  Jun 1833
 C364 CUTRELL, Joshua             B636 BROTHERS, Mary              27  Feb 1795
 C364 CUTRELL, Roger              H400 HULL, Mary                  11  Apr 1821

 C364 CUTRELL, Thomas             R000 ROE, Matilda                25  Sep 1822
 C364 CUTRELL, Thomas H           M600 MURRAY, Margaret            16  Jun 1856
Search Words:  CUTHRELL
          Or:  CUTTRELL
          Or:  CUTHRILL
          Or:  CUTRELL

CD 004, November 1994 Edition
No.Car. Marriages, Craven, NC
Screen 5 of 123

 SNDX  Spouse 1                   SNDX  Spouse 2                   Date
>B400 BALL, Francis               C364 CUTRELL, Rounceval          01  Mar 1834
>C364 CUTHRELL, Alexander         S314 STAPLEFORD, Nancey P        23  Apr 1855
>C364 CUTHRELL, Amos              K520 KING, Lydia                 09  Jul 1785
>C364 CUTHRELL, Amos              B240 BEXLEY, Nancy               22  Aug 1795
>C364 CUTHRELL, Amos              T524 TINGLE, Cathrine Jane       11  Jul 1837
>C364 CUTHRELL, David             H435 HOLTEN, Jinsey              07  Nov 1795
>C364 CUTHRELL, David             H634 HARTLEY, Margaret           28  Feb 1824
>C364 CUTHRELL, Jesse             M250 MASON, Catharine            06  Aug 1807
>C364 CUTHRELL, Roger             G650 GREEN, Mary                 12  Mar 1801
>C364 CUTHRILL, Thomas            S512 SIMPSON, Sarah              31  Aug 1799
>C364 CUTRELL, John               M236 MCCOTTER, Clarissa          05  Jun 1833
>C364 CUTRELL, Joshua             B636 BROTHERS, Mary              27  Feb 1795
>C364 CUTRELL, Roger              H400 HULL, Mary                  11  Apr 1821
>C364 CUTRELL, Thomas             R000 ROE, Matilda                25  Sep 1822
>C364 CUTRELL, Thomas H           M600 MURRAY, Margaret            16  Jun 1856
>C364 CUTRELL, Thomas             R000 ROE, Matilda                25  Sep 1822
>C364 CUTRELL, Thomas H           M600 MURRAY, Margaret            16  Jun 1856
>D000 DAW, Nathan                 C364 CUTHRELL, Alice             27  Dec 1808
>D250 DIXSON, Cornelius           C364 CUTRELL, Mary               11  Sep 1818
>E165 EVERINGTON, William         C364 CUTRELL, Elizabeth          06  Nov 1789
>I120 IPOCK, Henry                C364 CUTHRELL, Eliza             02  Sep 1865
>M460 MILLER, Frederick B         C364 CUTRELL, Sarah              29  Oct 1842
>P125 PIPKIN, John                C364 CUTRELL, Julia              05  Jan 1852
>S416 SILVERTHORN, Frederic B     C364 CUTRELL, Clarissa           24  Nov 1836
>S314 STAPLEFORD, William         C364 CUTHRELL, Mary              22  Dec 1809
>T524 TINGLE, Thomas              C364 CUTRELL, Zelpha             14  Oct 1807


Sailor Enslaved

June 1627: John Sturrock, mariner, presently detained in the Tolbooth of Edinburgh for
 debt, has appealed to the Privy Council of Scotland. He claims that he had been unable
 to attend to his creditors, as he had been taken captive as a slave by the Turks for
 two years, then taken captive by the Spaniards for a further year. When he had freed
 himself he came home intebnding to sell his land and pay his creditors, but they took
 advantage of him and had him thrown into the Tolbooth. He asks for his creditors, Thomas 
Scott, merchant Burgess of Dundee, Thomas Wychtman in Ballow, and John Burn, maltman in
 Leith, Mungo Carmichael, tailor in Leith, and the deceased William Cuthill, tailor in 
Leith, George Rois, merchant Burgess of Edinburgh, to be forced to allow him time to 
sell his property.

Descendants of (?) Cutrell
Ruth Ray - email:

Generation No. 1

1. (?)1 CUTRELL. He married MILNEY. 

       Children of (?) CUTRELL and MILNEY are: 


2. ii.   NANCY CUTRELL, b. 1795. 

3. iii.   JOSEPH CUTRELL, b. March 11, 1800. 

4. iv.   CHARLES N. CUTRELL, b. 1805, North Carolina. 

5. v.   MIDGETT G. CUTRELL, b. July 13, 1808, NC; d. Feb 22,1879, Sm. Co,Tenn. 

6. vi.   COURTNEY CUTRELL, b. 1810, Tennessee. 

Submitted by Jeanette at ""
I have the following notes:

Colonial Records of NC. Saunders, Vol 4, 1734-1752.  Warrants for Land

Pg 968 - Amos Cuthrill - 300 acres Craven Co, New Bern.  Granted 13 Oct 1749.

Pg 1246 - Amos Cuthrill - Petition for Grants for Patent 0 274 acres - Craven
Co, NC 26 Sep 1751.

Pg 1255 - Thomas Cuthrill - 150 acres, Craven Co. Granted New Bern, 11 Oct
Extracted from the book: " Dictionary of ENGLISH & WELSH SURNAMES
              with Special American Instances (Bardsley)"

CATHERALL, CATHRALL - offic. 'the catcherell.'  q.v.: an early variant, for

    Thomas Le Catheral, co. Norf, 12?3. (Ref A)
    Alexander Catherel, co. Norf., ibid.
    Richard Catherellus, co., Norf., ibid
    1611 -Buried - Jane Catherellesi St. Jas. Clerkenwell, kv. 115.
    1633 -    Jane Catterrall; ibid. p.211
    1636 -    Edward Catherall, Curate of Great Carbrook, co., Norf: (Ref FF.)
ii 338. London,
         4, 0; Manchester, 1, 0;
       Philadelphia, 0, 6.

A:  Hundred Rolls, 1273
FF: History of Norfolk (Blomefield & Parkin)

COTERELL-TUGURINES: Frompt. Parv.  The cotterel was an inferior tenant,
probably holding
in absolute villenage (1) Cotman, Boardman etc.;
    V.   COTTER.
    Stephen Coterel, Co. Soms, IEDW. III: Kirby's Quest, p.234.
    Walter Coterel, Co. Soms, IEDW III: ibid, p. 235.
    Richard Coterell, w. Devos, 1273 (Fef A above)
    Alice Coterel, Co. Ca::,b, Lbid.
    Henry Coterel, Co. Bddf. ibid.
    William Coterel, 1303. M(Ref M)
    1662 -    Richard Cotterell & Mary Fennihowse; Marriage Alleg,
(Canterbury), Pg 61.
    1662-3    - Henry Cottrill & Eliz. Minne: ibid. p. 73.
    London, 7,2,24; I, New York 4,3,14,0: Philadelphia 3,0,4,5.

Note:    M.  Writs of Parlimant.
Marriage Alleg.  1660-16943  Allegations for Marriage License issued by
the Vicar-General of the Archbishop of Canterbury.  Edited by Geo. J.

                   CENSUS OF THE U.S.                                
1686 - Norfolk Virginia      William Cuthrill
1780-   "         "          Daniel Cutherell
1782    "         "          Cutrel, Gowin, James, Wm, Nath'L.
1790    "         "          Cuthrell, Daniel, Joshia, Garwin,James, William 
1797    "         "          Joel Cuthriell
1810-   "         "          Joshua Cutherell (I believe he is the Joshua in 
                                                Telfair Co GA 1820)

                              Cutherill ,Benjamin ,Reuben 
                              Cutherel ,Ely
                              Cuthrell, Samuel, William
1840    "         "           Cuthriel, R. H.
                              Cutherell, Wright
                              Cutherel, Wesley, Caleb, Sarah
                              Cutherall, E.
1850    "         "           Cuthriell, Ely, William
                              Cuthreill, Cuthrel
                              Cutherele, Westly W.
1880-   "         "           Cathriel, John
                              Cutherel, Josiah
                              Cuthriell, Charles
1850- North Carolina          Cuthrell, Cutrell
1860                          Cutrell , Cuthrell , Cuthrill
1880          -               Cuthrell , Cutrell
1860-   Georgia               Cutrell, Catrell
1820 - Telfair Co, GA         Cuthriell, Joshua
1830-  Pulaski Co, GA         Cuthreill, Josuah
       Baker Co, GA           Cuthriell, Thomas *
1850 - Baker Co., GA          Cuthreill, Josuah
                              Cutheral, Thomas *  b. 1805  John Cutheral b.1868
                              Cuthriel, Jasper  1845
                                        Ester   1840
1880 - Geneva Co., Ala        Catheral, Delliah J.(she m. 1st Reuben J. Ard)
                                                Sindervilla Ard
                                                David Ard
                                                Sarah M. Ard 
                                           GF > John
                                                Elizabeth  b. 1870
                                                Belle      b. 1870
                                Cuthriell, Jasper   b.1845
                                           Mary A     b.1856
                                           Franklin   b.1877 (2nd marr appl
                                                listed him as Charles Franklin)
                                           Mary E.    b.1879
Any way you spell it, Cuthriell is English-Welsh. Co. Norfolk is in E.England
bordering on the
North Sea. The following names were found in Norfolk, Eng in the year 1273:
1273    Thomas Le Catheral
        Alexander Catherel
        Richard Catherellus
1611    Jane Catheralles
1633    Jane Catterrall
1636    Edward Catherall

The earliest and only place I found them in the U. S. was beginning in 1686 in
Norfolk, VA. 
Then up thru the years they spread west and split north and south. They
settled in North
Carolina and as the country opened to settlers some went into Georgia, then
Alabama and from
North Carolina thru the Cumberland Gap in to Kentucky and North Westward. As
the country
opened up west of the Mississippi River, they spread into different parts of
the western frontier. 
But when it was finished, the majority of them stayed in VA, NC.

Evidently the Northern Cuthriells kept the Cuthrell spelling while the
Southern Cuthriells
spelled the name with an "i". I was told by some of the Geneva Co, AL
Cuthriell's the the name
had an "e" at the end at one point and that the name was German-Italian.  The
Geneva folks will
also tell you right quick that if the name doesn't have an "i" in it, they
were no kin.  I have found
nothing so far that denies this.

                            No. IV.
    KOCHERTHAL,  who settled on lands on Quassick Greek, then Dutchess County,
N.Y., in the
    Spring of 1709.*

    Rev Joshua Kocherthal, aged 39; Sibylla Charlotta, his wife, 39; their
children Benigna
Sibylla, 10; Christ. Joshua, 7; Susanna Sibylla, 3.  Kocherthal was furnished
with 1 barrel of
lime, 3 gouges, 2 formers (kind of chisel), 1 grind-stone, 1 square, 1 rule, 1
compass and several 
pieces more.
    Lorents Schwisser, aged 23 husbandman and vinedresser; Anna Catharina, his
wife 26; their
daughter, Johanna, 8.- He was furnished with 1 grind-stone, 1 square, 1 little
gimlet, 2 augers, 1
smoothing plane, besides several pieces more.
    Henrich Rennau, aged 24, stocking weaver, husbandman and vinedresser;
Johanna, his wife,
26; their children, Lorentz 2, Heinrich, 5 months old, and two sisters of Mrs.
Rennau, Susanna
Liboscha, 15; Maria Johanna Liboscha, 10 years old.--He received l cross cut
saw, l mitre block,
l adze, 2 augers, l gimlet, besides several small pieces.
    Andreas Volck, aged 30, husbandman and vinedresser; his wife, Anna
Catharina, 27; their
children, Maria Barbara, 5; Georg Hieronymus, 4; Anna Gertruda, l -- He
received l cross cut
saw, l smoothing plane, l whipping saw, a set of gouges, besides several
pieces more.
    Michael Weigaud, aged 52, husbandman; his wife, Anna Catharina 51; their
chi!dren, Anna 
Maria, 13; Tobias, 7; 

submitted by David Blanton
Marriage bonds records of Craven Co,NC.
Amos Cuthrell ----------Lydia King    July 9,1785
Elizabeth Cuthrell------William Everington  Nov 6,1789
David Cuthrell----------Jinny Holton   Nov 2,1795
Thomas Cuthrell---------Sara Simpson Aug 31,1799
Roger Cuthrell--------- Mary Green    March 12,1801
Mary Cuthrell-----------William Stapleford  Dec 22,1809

I believe the Thomas above is the father of Thomas Cuthrell b. in Craven Co. abt 1797.
(my grgrgr-grandad).
...................................................... Craven Co. Census of 1850. It lists name and ages. Thomas Cuthrell              53 (my great,great,great,granddad) Maltida                      42 Mary                         22 Julia                        21 Thomas                       18 Alexender                    16 Charles                      13 James                        11 Eliza                         8 Jane                          7 Martha                        6 William F.                    2 (my great,great,grandad) Amos Cuthrell                 38 Samuel                        11 David                         10 Benjamin                       8 George                         6 Catherine                      5 Winnifred                      2 If anybody has any information on these families,please contact me. David Blanton   
Hyde co. record of deeds 1736-1762

Table of Contents:
Cuthrell (Cutrel, Cutrell, Cuttrel)
Charles,  242, 402
Jacob,    214
Joshua,  350
Peter,    229,322
Hyde Co. Court minutes 1736-1756  Book I

Cuterell, Peter - 162
Cutril,   Charles - 124
Cutrill,  Charles - 180, Jacob 238.

Hyde Co. Court Minutes 1756 - 1785 Book II

Cuterel, David - 141, 159, Peter - 141.
Cutere,  David 141
Cutherill,Joshua - 104, Peter - 104
Cutrell, Joshua - 113
Cutrice, Joshua - 237
Cutrill, Daniel - 40, Lydia - 40
Cutrill, Benjamin - 59, Chrles - 53, 62, 63, Joshua - 14, Peter - 1, 66, 134, David - 183.
C____,   Charles - 62.

Hyde co. Court Minutes 1757 - 1788  Book III

Cuterel, David - 140, 158, 200, Peter - 140, Solomon - 237
Cuterels,David - 200
Cuteri__,David - 182.
Cutherill,Joshua - 102
Cuthrell,Peter 102
Cutrell, Joshua - 111
Cutrill, Daniel - 40, Lydia - 40
Cutrill, Benjamin - 57, Charles - 51, 60, Joshua - 14, Peter - 1, 64, 132.
C____,    Peter - 253, Willm - 76.

Books available from the Hyde County Historical and Genealogical Society
Submitted by Diane Mason
Cuthrell/Cutrill/Cutrell Index

Pampteco Tracings (of Beaufort Co.NC)
1990 no 2

Cuthrel or Cuthrell:
Amos & W.S.  p73
Alex, Frank, Macon B., Peter S. p36
Alexander p36
Pampteco Tracings
1992 no 1
Cutral: Albert 29, Johnnie 29
Cutreal: William 7 
Cutrell:  Benj.W. 29, Jonathan 29, W.R. 30 
Cutrill: David 29, J.B. 29 
Pampteco Tracings
1993 no. 1 
Cuthrell:  Jennie 28.

Pamticoe Cousins of Beaufort co., NC Index

Cutherill,Cuthrell,Cuthrill, Cutrell:
Aaron 256, Agnes 488,Alec/Alex 207,370, Alfred Barney
485,488, Arrena 256, Barney Owen, 488, Belanda Jane 465,
Caz J. 488,Charity 256, Christy 256, Cora Lee Edwards mrs. 460,
461, Coth 256, D.D. 340,346, Edna 488,Ella Lee Roscoe, Mrs.
441, Emmett M 488, Eva Mae Brantley, Ms. 353, Gertie 388,
Helen Paul Mrs. 233,235, J. Leland 488, Jerry H. 488,John
Douglas, 441,Julia 148, Keith Constance,488,Laney,488,
Lemmie 460, 461, Lucy Mae Burbage, Mrs.  485, 488, Marlene
Liverman Mrs. 431,441, Mary Ann Daniels, Mrs. 271, Mary Elizabeth 461,
Mary Ross Mrs. 207, Merle 147, 353, Nancy 256, Pamela 467,
Pricilla, 256, Pronchon, 256, Rex Tanner 441, Robert Sarfort 441,
Robert Sorrowful 44, Russell Lee, 441, Susan, 380, Thomas 122,
W.C.353, William Jeffery 441, Zelma Ruth Ford Mrs. 441.

NC Genealogy Society Journal - Index
I can't promise that I checked all the "k" spellings.
Vol 1
Cutrell, Burough 117, Mahala 117. 
Vol. 2 none 
Vol. 3. None 
Vol 4 none
Vol. 5
Kiterel, Jethrow, 228 
Kitterel, George, 228 
Kitterel, John, 228 
Kittrell, Bryant, 19, Samuel, 13 
Vol. 6
Teagle Walter 266, Martha Ann ( Herbert) (Whilby)266. 
Vol. 7
Cuthrell:  Fannie 115. 
Vol. 8 none
Vol. 9 none
Vol. 10 none
Vol. 11 none
Vol. 12 None
Vol. 13 
Cuthrel:  Eliza A. 244 
Kitrel, Kitterel, Kittrell, Kittrel: Samuel, 25, Jonathan 
24,22, Polly 128, Jacob 22,Jenny 22. 
Vol. 14
Kitrell and Kittrel:
Joshua 93, Allen 133, Jethro 133, John 106, 133, Jonathan 100,133, Noah 133, Polly 133, Sarah 133,Stanley 133,
Susannah 133. 
Vol 15 None
Vol. 16
Currell/Curral: Thomas 8.
Kittrell: 62, John 63, Jonathan 42, 154, Susannah 63.
Vol. 17 
Currell : William 215.
Vol. 18 none
Vol. 19 none
Vol 20 none
Cuthreal: Sallie T. 88.
prepare by Diane Mason

Submitted by Jennette -

Amherst Co, VA Wills
Thomas Cottrell, filed May 21, 1763, mentions wife Susannah, sons Thomas,
Gilbert, William and two other unnamed sons.

30V23 - VA Magazine of History (my note says "book") Vol 30, pg 23, VA quit
rent rolls, 1704:  
Tho Cutrell   -  150.
Going, Garvin Cuthrell -  470

26V61 - State Troops in the Rev (from St Andrew Papers, not in State
Library):  16 Oct `775 - Thomas Cuthrie(ll) for provisions furnished Capt.
Parker's Co.  -  30    18 .................

Hennings Statutes at Large, Vol 7 1756-1763

1758 - 32d George II, Albemarle Co.
Pg 203 to Thomas Cotrell, Corporal  -   17s  6d

Book: The Lower Norfolk Co, VA, Antiquary Index, Vol IV
    1782  Nathaniel Cutrel, Princess Anne Co, VA:  1 white
    1782 Daniel Cuthrell, Princess Anne Co, VA 10 white souls
    1782 Gowin Cutrel, Princess Anne Co, VA 1 white (south side of 
         the western branch New Mill Creek.
    1782 James Cuthrell, Princess Anne Co, VA  5 whites
    1782 Joshiah Cutrel, Princess Anne Co, VA  8 whites (pg 135)

1790 census, Norfolk Co, VA
Garvin Cuthrell       5 white souls     1 dwelling    2 other bldgs

1810 Norfolk Co, VA
Benjamin Cutherill   pg 129 01010-00010-00
Ely Cutherell        pg 130 40100-10100-02
Joshua Cutherele     pg 128 11011-31010-01
Reuben Cutherill     pg 129 20010-20100-00
Samuel Cutherell     pg 139 22401-10001-03

1810 Harrison Co, VA
Margaret Cuthriell  pg 78  00000-10100-00

Joshua Cuthriell  b. before 1780
1820  Telfair Co, GA  1m(27-45)1f(0-10) 3f (17-26)
1830  Pulaski Co, GA  1m(0-10) 1m(50-60) 1f(15-20)
Joshua Cutrell
1840 Decatur Co,  GA  1m(10-14)1m (60-69)  3f (10-14)
1850/1860 Holmes Co, FL

If Thomas was a son of Joshua's, where was he in 1820? He was married 
in 1830 living in Baker Co.  There's at lease 30 yrs between their ages.
So are they brothers?

Thomas Cuthriell Baker Co, GA (I know for sure this one is Jennette) b. 1810
   1830 Baker Co, GA  1m(20-30)   1f (15-20)
Thomas Cutheral
   1850  Baker Co, GA  Thomas 45, b. GA
                       Neoma  31, b. GA wife
                       Artimissia 12, b. GA
                       Esther     10, b. GA
                       Jasper      5, b. GA
                       Emeline     2, b. GA

William Cutherell      pg 140 20100-01010-01

This is one that I've been curious about:
    1850 Lowndes Co, AL  Larkin Cattrell     30 m  VA
     Young or Youn J                         32 m  VA
     Lucy H.                                 71 f  VA
     Syndarilla                              36 f  VA
     James Clements                          21 m  VA

As you can tell, in the 1840 census above for Joshua there was a male 10-14
and I don't know that happened to him.



Submitted by Keith Coniston Cuthrell (his ancestors)

1stDavid Cuthrell and wife Rachel of Hyde Co.,NC

His SON: Eleazar Cuthrell b. Mar.4,1782 d.Jan 29,1879 wife: Elaine Elizabeth Smith.

His GRANDSON: Martin Hethlie Cuthrell b. mar. 22, 1867 d. Jan 5, 1904 in Beaufort co,NC. wife Mattie Masella Sawyer

His GREATGRANDSON: Alfred Barney Cuthrell b. Oct 13,1901 d. Apr. 29, 1986. wife Lucy Mae Burbage
His GGGRANDSON: Keith Coniston Cuthrell

Some Cuthrell/Cutrell/Cuthriell Researchers:;;;;;;;;;;

Cutrell Page 2 (Early Family Summary)

Cutrell Page 3 (Early Family Summary)

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