Ania Stepien

an Australian actor

Ania Stepien is a young actor from Sydney, Australia, who made her debut in the series Cybergirl, which premiered in July 2001.

Ania plays both Cybergirl and Ashley. Cybergirl is digital perfection, a teenage prototype with a likeable human edge, who has plunged from space to earth to study humanity. Ashley is Cybergirl in her human guise.

At age 11, Ania was the youngest member of the NSW State Drama Company, and toured England with the group in 1999.

The seventeen-year-old has also performed in Two Weeks with the Queen at the Seymour Centre, and appeared in Beyond The Game - the Opening Ceremony program for the Sydney Olympics, as part of the meetings of ASIOF and AOC at the Sydney Opera House in 1998. Most recently, Ania appeared in the Australian Theatre for Young People (ATYP) production Birds at the Sydney Opera House, as part of the Olympic Arts Festival.

Here are a few pictures from the series in 26 episodes "Cybergirl", a family show about the adventures of a replicant human girl who arrives on Earth from a distant planet. Cybergirl is being chased by her own kind, and is harboured by Jackson Campbell and his father in River City (see story and links hereunder).

Cybergirl 1

Cybergirl and Rick

Cybergirl 2

Cybergirl and friends

Cybergirl in wedding dress

The Story

Arriving on Earth from a distant planet to study humanity, Cybergirl (Ania Stepien) is digital perfection - a renegade teenage replica with a likeable human edge. When she takes refuge with fourteen-year-old Jackson Campbell (Craig Horner) and his bemused father Hugh (Mark Owen-Taylor), the likeable cyborg assumes a human identity as Jackson's cousin 'Ashley', and begins her exploration of the challenges of life as a teenage girl. In doing so she changes Jackson's life and the fate of the fictional metropolis of River City forever. Cybergirl's public status constantly puts her at risk of capture by her enemies - two other cyber replicates who have pursued her across the universe. But when her enemies join forces with Rhyss (Septimus Caton) - a power-crazy software mogul (sound familiar?) who is also River City's most eminent citizen - everything and everyone she has come to love is put at risk. With the help of Jackson and their friend Kat (Jovita Lee Shaw) Cybergirl evolves into the most human of super heroes. 

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