This is the newest addition to this website. If you read only ONE article, READ THIS ONE! It is very detailed (covers three long pages), fascinating, and has some nice photographs. It includes almost everything you ever wanted to know about *Naborr.

NOTE: If you find yourself getting "lost" in all the history on the first page, go on to the second and third pages, which contain some light-hearted stories about *Naborr's life with the Chaunceys and the show results of many of his sons and daughters!





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This is the best place to start. Find out how *Naborr Preservation Breeders began, what we hope to accomplish, subscribe to the free Newsletter, and meet others who share a passion for this legendary horse.

This excellent article written by Mary Jane Parkinson originally appeared in the November 1984 issue of Arabian Horse World Magazine and is reprinted here in its entirety. It will make you smile, it will make you cry, and it is the MUST READ of this site.

An in-depth pedigree of *Naborr tracing his noble bloodlines back to the desert. Reprinted from the article "Sires of Significance - *Naborr and His Sons *Gwalior, *Aramus and Gai-Adventure" by Mary Jane Parkinson, published in Arabian Horse World Magazine, November 1984.

A very brief history of *Naborr reprinted from the Tom Chauncey Sale III Catalogue (original printing 1981). Much less detailed than "The Life of a Legend," this page has different photographs from those appearing elsewhere.

The list to date of living sons and daughters of *Naborr whose owners have provided information to us. We want ALL OF THEM! Please contact the Webmaster to get your *Naborr son or daughter included! (We will have another section for those in greener pastures.)

I have donated my time and design efforts to bring this website to you, providing the most accurate possible information about *Naborr. Please read my page to understand my passion for *Naborr, predict his destiny in the Arabian breed, and meet my own *Naborr horses.

The place for you to post your own messages, rave about your *Naborr heritage horses, read the posts of others, and meet like-minded people. This is a noncommercial site, so no classified ads are permitted.




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