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Ainsworth - MS, AR Bates - MA,IA, IL Bird - SC, GA, AR
Echols - VA, GA, AR Ellis - TN, AR Gentry - TN, AR
Harper - KY, IL, KS, MO Primm - SC, AL, AR Rodgers - NC, AR
Scott - KY, IN, AR Wall - NC, SC, AR . . .

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Mary Scott Rodgers' mother - Nancy Jane Ainsworth - was born January 8, 1847 in Mississippi. She was 'orphaned', and at present her parents are unknown.

However, apparently in the early to mid 1800's, several Ainsworth brothers and their families migrated from Mississippi to Arkansas, and settled in Calhoun, Columbia, Hempstead, and Union Counties. David Ainsworth (b. 1785 in South Carolina) is known to have patented land in Union County in 1857. He may have had brothers named Levin, Richard, Samuel, Isaac, & James. However, if and/or how she may have been related to these men is unproven.

Nancy Jane had a younger (6 years) sister named Cuniah Ainsworth, who was born in Arkansas. Other siblings may have been

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Nathaniel Stillman Bates was born about 1811 in Massachusetts and died after 1870. His wife was Frances C. ____, born before 1849.

Children of Nathaniel and Frances Bates were

The elder Nathaniel Bates worked for a stage (coach) company, and the younger Nathaniel worked for a railroad company.

The younger Nathaniel Stillman Bates married Catherine Evelinda Hoover, born about 1859. They had two children, Mary Elizabeth Bates, born September 10, 1878, and Stella Mae Bates, born June 9, 1880. After both Nathaniel and "Kitty" died quite young (1885), Mary and Stella lived for a while in the Catholic childrens home in Vincennes, Indiana.

Mary married Leo Quirk, and Stella married James Wellington Harper.

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John Bird, born March 19, 1821, in North Carolina, and Barbara McCarty, born December 28, 1823, in North Carolina, were married November 9, 1844. Their children include

Mary Martha (Mattie) Bird married Martin Van Buren Echols.

John was a farmer, and the family lived near Jonesboro in Craighead county, Arkansas.

John Bird died May 28, 1889, and Barbara died September 11, 1892. They are buried in Pine Hill Cemetery, just south of Jonesboro near the Craighead County Forest. Pine Hill is a very old cemetery, and is sometimes incorrectly called Pine Log cemetery. (Pine Log cemetery is another old cemetery northeast of Jonesboro near Brookland.)

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The Echols Family of Habersham County Georgia

John Echols, the immigrant, was born about 1650 in England. In 1704, he was living in King and Queen County, Virginia. His wife was Mary Cave. In the Milner Echols' history, written in 1850, John Echols is stated to have married a "tall redheaded woman named Mary Cave - and by her had 5 sons & 3 daughters."

Abraham Echols was the fifth child and second son. He was born about 1700 in King & Queen County, Virginia, and died about October 3, 1749, in Lunenburg County, Virginia. He was married before 1735 to Sarah Hubbard, a widow. They had 6 children.

Joshua Echols was the third child & third son of Abraham Echols and Sarah Hubbard. He was born about 1737, possibly in Prince George County, Virginia; and died about November 26, 1800, in Pendleton District, South Carolina. He was married before March 31, 1819, in Virginia to Margaret ____. Joshua and Margaret were the parents of 6 sons.

Darius Echols was the second child and second son. He was born about 1770, in Halifax County, Virginia, and died about May, 1866, in Habersham County, Georgia. Darius moved with his father from Halifax County, Virginia, to Pendleton County (now Anderson County), South Carolina, when he was about 10 years old. As a adult, he moved to Franklin County, Georgia, which is just over the state line from Anderson County, S.C. When Habersham County was formed out of Franklin County in 1819, part of Darius Echols's land fell into Habersham County. Darius Echols was a Justice of the Peace and Sheriff of Habersham County, Ga, in 1821 and 1823.

Darius seems to have been married three times: first to Sarah Brown, second to Tabitha Whitworth, and third to Hannah Thomas. I would appreciate any information about his first wife, who I believe was the mother of my ancestor. He was the father of at least 5 sons and 2 daughters.

Darius's son, Jabal Echols, was born February 15, 1803, in Franklin County, Georgia, and died October 3, 1843, in Habersham County. He was married September 24, 1826, in Habersham County, to Frances Davis. Frances Davis was born May 20, 1807, in Franklin County, Georgia, and died September 8, 1869, in Habersham County.

Frances was one of three daughters of Henry Davis, born in 1774 in North Carolina and died in 1852 in Habersham County, Georgia; and his wife Margaret Stone. Frances' sisters were Rebecca Davis, who married William Sheldon Meeks, and Mary Davis, who married Moses Ayres. The Davis family and many of the Echols belonged to the Camp Creek Baptist Church, Cornelia, Habersham County, Georgia. There is a Davis Cemetery across road from the Camp Creek Church, which is still an active congregation.

Jabal Echols and Frances Davis were the parents of the following:

Martin and Jackson were in Co. E, 3rd Confederate Cavalry. After being in many battles, Martin was captured in February 1864 and interned in the Johnson's Island Prison in Lake Erie near Sandusky, Ohio. Johnson's Island had fewer epidemics than most other prisons, and Martin survived and was released at the end of the war. Jackson died during the battle of Resaca.

Larkin and Jabal were members of Co. A, 52nd Infantry Regiment - the Habersham Guards. Larkin was captured and held at the Rock Island Arsenal Prison, Illinois, where he died during a smallpox epidemic. Jabal died of sickness during the siege of Vicksburg.

Martin VanBuren Echols, born December 1, 1838 Georgia, died January 18, 1924, in Jonesboro, Arkansas. His wife was Mary Martha Bird, the daughter of John Bird and Barbara McCarty, both born in North Carolina. Martha (Mattie) was born January 2, 1849, in North Carolina and died August 27, 1924, in Jonesboro. Their children were as follows:

With thanks to all those Echols descendants who recorded so much of the history of the Echols family. Also, thanks to the LDS Family History Libraries for preserving these records and making them available.

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Ira O. Ellis was born 1827 in Tennessee and died after 1870 in northeast Arkansas. He was the son of Reuben Ellis, a Methodist minister. Ira married Martha J. ____ before 1853. Also a Methodist minister, Ira was the recording secretary for the Gainesville Circuit quarterly conferences for many years.

Ira O. Ellis may have died in the early 1870's. There are some indications that his widow may have later married a Presbyterian minister William Spence, a widower with young children.

Children of Ira O. and Martha J.Ellis

Ellis Generation No. 2

Children of Robert S. Ellis include

William Skidmore Ellis married Elma South Wall March 3, 1887 in Greene County, Arkansas. Elma was the daughter of Dr. Calvin Wall of South Carolina and Emily Gentry of Tennessee. W. S. Ellis was a physician and a Cumberland Presbyterian Minister. He was severely injured in an automobile accident and died February 21, 1936.

The children of William and Elma Ellis (all born in Jonesboro, Arkansas) were

Ellis Generation No. 3

Ira Wall Ellis was born January 26, 1888, in Jonesboro, Arkansas, and died January 26, 1947, his 59th birthday. He married Lena Jewell Echols June 17, 1906. Jewell was the daughter of Martin Van Buren Echols and Mary Martha Bird.

Ira was also a physician. He served in the Army Medical Corps during World War I, and remained active in the Army Medical Reserve until the 1940's, holding the rank of Major.

Children of Ira and Jewell Ellis were

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Jonathan R. Gentry was born about 1804 in Georgia. His wife was Sarah Nance. They moved to Weakley County, Tennessee, and then Gainesville, Greene County, Arkansas. Jonathan died in 1884, and Sarah died after 1891.

Children of Jonathan and Sarah Gentry (all born in Tennessee) were

Emily A. Gentry married Calvin J. Wall March 13, 1860

Children of Samuel P. and Julia Gentry

Gilbert Gentry, married (1) Angeline McWhirter 1869, daughter of John McWhirter and Matilda Yarber, and after her death, (2) Frances Drollender 1884 in Arkansas, daughter of William Drollender and Elizabeth Bond.

Children of Gilbert Gentry were

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James Parks Harper - November 1, 1843, Richmond, Kentucky - September 1, 1908 - spouse Lucinda Hoover.

Children of James Harper and Lucinda Hoover were

Harper Generation 2

James Wellington Harper - July 24, 1866, Springfield, Sangamon Cty., IL - March 8, 1937, St. Louis, MO - spouse Stella Mae Bates - June 9, 1880 - August 2, 1962 - daughter of Nathaniel Stillman Bates and his wife Catherine

. Children of James Harper and Stella Bates (all but 2 born in Ft. Scott, KS) were

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About 1682, William Barksdale married Sarah Collier (b. abt 1682 - d. about 1721). After her death he married Sarah Daniel in 1722.

Children of William Barksdale and Sarah Collier include

Generation No. 2

Collier Barksdale was born about 1715 in Charlotte Co., VA, and died October 1774 in Charlotte Co., VA. About 1740, he married Sarah Randolph (b. October 10, 1715 in Henrico Co., VA).

Children of Collier Barksdale and Sarah Randolph include

Generation No. 3

Nathaniel Barksdale was born 1743 in VA, and died 1812 in Old 96 District, SC. He married Mary Allen, daughter of Charles Allen. Mary also had a brother named Charles Allen. Nathaniel and Mary moved from VA to SC, before the American Revolution.

Children of Nathaniel Barksdale and Mary Allen include

Generation No. 4

Mary Barksdale married James Primm, born 1770-1775 in VA). They moved to SC between 1800 and 1804, and had moved to Shelby County, Alabama, by 1830 census.

Children of Mary Barksdale and James Primm include

Nathaniel Barksdale Primm was born April 10, 1815, Laurens District, SC, and died April 4, 1889, Union County, Arkansas. About 1835, he married Lucinda Bloxton in Shelby County, Alabama. Lucinda, the sister of Beverly (male) and Edward Bloxton, was born in 1815 and died May 14, 1887.

According to one Primm historian, Charles L. Primm and family moved to Union Co., AR in the 1840's, and his nephew, Nathaniel Barksdale Primm and family soon followed. They were said to have traveled to Arkansas from Alabama in an oxcart.

Both Nathan and Lucinda appear in Arkansas in the 1860 and 1870 federal census, living in Lisbon Township, Union County, Arkansas.

Their children include

Land records show that Nathan Primm patented 80 acres in Union County in 1852, 38.95 acres in 1858, and 80 acres in 1875.

Ann Eliza Primm married Commodore Jackson Rodgers, November 30, 1865 in Union Co., Arkansas.

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Levi Rodgers was born March 3, 1873 in Union County, Arkansas; his wife Mary C. Scott was born April 27, 1873 in neighboring Columbia County, Arkansas. In 1921, they moved to Monette, Craighead County, Arkansas. Levi died June 18, 1938 in Monette, and Mary (known as Molly) died January 27, 1940.

The children of Mary Scott and Levi Rodgers (all born in Union County) were

Levi Rodgers' father - Commodore Jackson Rodgers - was born December 25, 1842 in Cairo, Clark Co., Arkansas, and died May 2, 1914 in Union County, Arkansas. He married Ann Eliza Primm November 30, 1865 in Union Co., Arkansas. Ann Eliza was the daughter of Nathan Primm and Lucinda Bloxton.

During the American Civil War, Commodore Rodgers was a member of Capt. Samuel's Company, Lisbon Invincibles, 6th Regiment, Arkansas Volunteers. The regiment went into the service of the state of Arkansas on June 7, 1861, in Little Rock, for a period of one year. On July 26, 1861, the company was transferred at Pocahontus, Arkansas into the service of the Confederacy for the remainder of that year - 10 months and 12 days. On February 24, 1862, C. J. Rodgers was discharged, and on March 14, 1862, he received the final pay due him. (Confederate Archives, Chapter 5, File no. 110, P. 531)

The children of Commodore and Ann Rodgers (all born in Union County, Arkansas) were

Levi's grandfather - Chesley Hughes Rodgers - was born 1803 in South Carolina and died after 1850 in Hempstead County, Arkansas. His wife was Lucinda Nelson.

The children of Chesley and Lucinda Rodgers (all born in Arkansas) include

The unusual given names - Commodore and Chesley - were apparently popular with both Rodgers and Rogers families a few generations ago.

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David M. Scott - was born September 25, 1840 in Indiana, and died March 3, 1907 in Arkansas. He married Nancy Jane Ainsworth September 3, 1865 in Union Co., Arkansas. (His mother may have been born in Kentucky; the name and birthplace of his father is unknown at present.)

During the American Civil War, David M. Scott served in Companies I and F, 3rd Missouri Cavalry, Confederate, entering service as a private and attaining the rank of sergeant. He enlisted in Capt. W. C. Clanton's Company, Greene's Regiment, Missouri Volunteers at age 23. He was enrolled for duty on August 27, 1862, in McDonald County, Missouri, by Captain Clanton for 3 years or the duration of the war. He appears on the Muster-In Roll dated Fulton County, Arkansas, October 30, 1862, in posession of a horse valued at $85 and Horse equipments worth $15.

By February of 1864, he was listed at the rank of "3 Sergeant". The final record of his military service is that D. M. Scott, sergeant, Co. F 3 & 4 Confederate Missouri Cavalry, of McDonald County, Missouri, appeared on a Roll of Prisoners of War. He was one of "furloughed and detailed men, Confederate States Army" ... "surrendered at New Orleans, La., by General E. K. Smith, C.S.A., to Maj. Gen. E.R.S. Canby, U.S.A., May 26, 1865, and paroled at Shreveport, La., June 8, 1865.

The children of David and Nancy Scott - 7 daughters - all born in Arkansas

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Jonathan Wall, son of Robert Wall, was born about 1744 in Prince George's Co., Maryland, and was well into his 90's when he died in Rutherford Co., NC. Jonathan's wife is believed to have been Sarah Kilby. Jonathan served in the Revolutionary War, applying for a War Pension in 1832. Children of Jonathan Wall and Nancy include

Zachariah Wall was born in 1785 in Wilkes Co., North Carolina and died after 1850 in South Carolina. He married Onie Clement in South Carolina. Zachariah and Onie Wall had at least ten children, including

Calvin J. Wall was born October 12, 1824 in Spartanburg, South Carolina and died September 22, 1899 in Greene County, Arkansas. Calvin was a physician and a businessman.

According to the Goodspeed History of Northeast Arkansas, Calvin Wall was the last surviving of 10 children of Zachariah and Onie Wall. Calvin farmed with his father and taught school until he was 26, " when he began the study of medicine...

"He graduated from the Medical University of Lexington, Ky., in 1854, and in July of the same year began practicing in Polk County, N.C., where he remained until the latter part of 1857...

"He then returned to the homestead in South Carolina, where he stayed until February 7, 1859, when he started for Greene County, Ark., coming through on horseback and arriving March 26, of that year. " He lived in both Greensboro and Gainesville (nothing remains of Greensboro and little of Gainesville), living the last several years of his life in Paragould. He married Emily A. Gentry, March 13, 1860, daughter of Jonathan Gentry and Sarah Nance.

Children of Calvin Wall and Emily Gentry (all born in Greene County, Arkansas) were

Calvin, his wife, and several of their children are buried in the old Gainesville Cemetery, located north of Paragould and southwest of Gainesville. Athough the cemetery is maintained, many of the tombstones are missing.

Wesley and Sarah Wall

Dr. Wesley Wall (Calvin's brother) also lived in Gainesville in 1860. Wesley was born January 13, 1827, in South Carolina. His family included his wife, Sarah S. ____, born about 1827 in North Carolina, and their children: daughter, L. C. Wall, born about 1851 in South Carolina, and son, George J. Wall, born about 1854 in North Carolina.

Living with the Wesley Wall family in 1860 was Samuel P. Gentry, aged 25, the brother of Calvin Wall's wife, Emily Gentry.

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