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My name is John. I want to welcome you all to my newly-renovated home site. I'm well into my senior college years, as an Art & Tech major at Ohio State University. I intend for this site to showcase my interests, accomplishments, and also as a go-to site for my personal use (link libraries and such so even if I'm on another computer, I'm never far from some good websurfing.). So don't be suprised to see some unusual pages here.

Just updated at 01/13/07, updated homepage a little, added Neocron Pictures page in Neocron area, and tried to do some work on my Art page (taking out crappy practice art pictures and put in the higher-quality art that I did). Been far too lazy and busy.

My Interests (Each topic has the link to page.):

My accomplishments:

At the moment, this is under construction - but I'm going to put up an art gallery of my works from college courses. Accomplishments may be something like - acquiring college degree, or getting into an art exhibit, or getting a commendation or award, just so you understand.