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Created by Katlyn Breene

Copyright Jessica Galbreth. Used with Permission.
Created by Jessica Galbreth


Hecate I Am

Hecate I am, Dark Mother, the Crone.
My face is wrinkled like the ancient stone.
My eyes pitch black, my hair snowy white.

I am the moonless dark night.
I lead the Wild Hunt with my dark power
Through winter time at midnight’s hour
My reign begins in the Samhain night and lasts till the day of Imbolg’s Light.

For the witches, I am their holy Queen
Their leader for centuries uncounted I’ve been
I teach them magickal power so strong
I teach them to tell the right from the wrong.

But if they do wrong, my wrath they shall feel
And my vengeance their fate on Earth shall seal.
'Cause I’m Justice, I’m Death, I’m vengeance, Dark Moon
I’m wisdom and Love and Evil’s doom.

I guard the crossroads everywhere
Who travels with evil their, they should beware!
I strip away their souls and make them insane
That they will never chance to cross my path again.

I’m terrible, gentle, inexorable, too.
What you see in me, that is all up to you.
When your time has come, I will call you to me
To ride the Wild Hunt till reborn you shall be.

So come, my Witch Daughter
Follow my path
Of magical power, Fear not my wrath.
If you have the courage, my Priestess then be
The choice is yours, what you choose we will see.

Copyright 2004 - Hecate Moon
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