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I'm looking for photos of hedgehogs to put on my site- if anyone has any that they wouldn't mind me putting on the web, email them to me.

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This site is meant to be a source of information on hedgehogs. I'm still adding stuff, but I already have some of the pages up. Feel free to email me with any problems you find. I've got the pictures from a variety of locations, but some of them are mine. Email me before using any on the web or in any other publications, just so I know who is using my pictures, and could link to your site if it is relevant. (Also, I'd love it if you linked to my site too...) Also, email me with any feedback.

This site is dedicated to my hedgehog, Woodchip, who I got from a friend who got him at a garage sale for $5. He was very, very friendly, but, sadly, he died from a tumor that was growing behind his eye.

I'm really sorry I haven't done anything with this site. My hedgehog died, I just moved, and I just got a border collie. I need to find some new pictures too. I haven't added anything lately, but I'm getting going again. Sorry!

last updated on 12/22/02
©2002 Travis. Some pictures courtesy of Webshots.com.

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