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It has come to my attention that many of you are not familiar with our new family chat section.  This service that is labeled as guest book (see below) and it is for you to read and post opinions, upcoming events, or  any family related announcement.  This section is here for you.  Enjoy! 

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Welcome 2005!

Here it is a brand new year and I'm sure all of you are ready for a new start.  Unlike Steve and Jules who have been immersed in new beginnings--new words, steps, books, tastes, and smells, most of us are ready to cast off the rut that is our old selves and see how much we can change in 2005.  I for one plan to end (again) the chains of sugar.  I hope to finish my Liberal Arts degree and move on to another more productive pursuit.  I'd like to know what's changing in your life.

Syd made the paper, but who is the old lady sitting next to her?  Newton animal control officer Kim Mears brings her German shepherd Sydney, 4 1/2, to the Gale Library on Mnday evening. Her presentation about her work and safety with animal was part of the library summer series, "Check Out a Hero."
Photo by Jamie Choen
Last updated on Jan 6, 2005